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Best/Popular Korean Street Foods at Myeongdong, Seoul

This is a continuation of the authentic, best and popular Korean Street Foods at Myeongdong that you must try. The first part of this article is here: Feed Yourself With Authentic Myeongdong Street Foods.

Myeongdong Street Foods You Must Try:

Hweori Gamja (회오리 감자) -Tornado Potato

Tornado potato is also called twist potatoes or tornado fries. It is a deep-fried spiral-cut whole potato on a skewer. It goes with various flavorings such as cheese, onion, honey, barbeque powder or, just even plain salt or sugar. You can also try this trendy food while you are strolling around Myeongdong street. If you love french fries or potato chips, you will surely enjoy this addictive snack. The cost ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 Korean won. There are also some varieties of tornado potato with spliced sausages in between. You might as well try this one and see which is better. 

Hweori Gamja-Image from pinterest

Gamja HotDog (감자핫도그) – Korean Corndog 

I think, all the K-drama or K-movie fans out there, you know this food. It seldom appears in dramas and movies as snacks of your favorite actors or actresses. Gamja Hotdog is a deep-fried hotdog on a stick coated with batter and fries. In Korea, a lot of street vendors sell various sorts of hotdogs on a stick. There are also hotdogs with cheese inside. You can also eat this with ketchup or mustard. If you’re going to eat this one stick of gamja hotdog, you will be satisfied because of its taste and big size. The cost ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 Korean won. 

Gamja HotDog-Image from Maangchi

Bindaetteok (빈대떡) – Mung Bean Pancake

If you’re looking for a tasty and savory treat, you should try this mung bean pancake. Bindaetteok is a type of Korean pancake. It is pan-fried into a round, flat shape made by grinding soaked mung beans with rice, egg, meat, kimchi, and vegetables. This golden brown pancake is so crispy and crunchy. It is usually served on traditional holidays in South Korea. However, you can buy this food in Myeongdong Street as well as other streets, markets, and restaurants across Korea. The cost per serving ranges from 3,000 to 4,000 Korean won. 

Image from Korean Bapsang

Sundae (순대) – Blood Sausage

Ok, to begin with, ‘sundae’ is not an ice cream. Sundae in Korea is a kind of blood sausage in Korean cuisine. This is a very popular street food in Korea. It is commonly made by steaming pig or cow’s intestines filled with different ingredients. Its fillings include blood(seonji), rice, minced meat, and vegetables. Other varieties also include glass noodles, kimchi, scallions, perilla leaves, soybean paste, and soybean sprouts as fillings.

Image from theobriensabroad

Twigim (튀김) – Korean Deep Fried Vegetable

Twigim is very similar to Japanese tempura. These are deep-fried slices of fresh vegetables of all varieties. It goes well and is paired perfectly with beer. Vegetarians might love this food. You might as well try this crunchy, crispy, and tasty snack when you visit Korea.

Korean street foods are everywhere and not only available in Myeongdong. You can buy them in the streets, food trucks, food carts, food bikes, food stalls, markets, and even in some restaurants. Usually, these are run by middle-aged women or men (ajumma and ajossi). The unique smells and flavors of these Korean street foods are very tempting. Don’t miss this out when you travel to South Korea. 

Myeongdong is also a shopping district in Seoul. Around Myeongdong Shopping Street, you can see large shopping stores such as the Lotte Young Plaza, Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Department Store. Shopping malls and department stores are everywhere. You can find Korean Fashion Brand Stores such as Bean Pole, SPAO, Stylenanda Pink Hotel, and also popular international brand stores like UNIQLO, Adidas, Nike, H&M, New Balance, and so on.

You might as well enjoy shopping while having a great time on food trips.

Myeongdong Street Address:

Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea | 서울특별시 중구 명동길 (명동1가) 

How to get there:

Take Seoul subway Line 4 and get off at Myeongdong Station. Then exit via Exit 5, 6, 7, or 8. Another way is, you may take Seoul subway line 2 and get off at Euljiro Station. Then exit via Exit 5 or 6 and walk for about 2 minutes to reach Myeongdong Street.

Myeongdong Street

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