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Best Places for Donkatsu Lover Around Korea University

Korea University is considered as one of the most prestigious Top 3 University in South Korea. Not only it is popular for its high academic achievement in world ranking, the campus is also filled with European style architecture which are beautiful. You can always enjoy breathtaking sceneries in the and have some beautiful shoots! But most importantly, there are many popular and hidden delicious restaurants surrounding the campus. Hence if you were to visit Korea University for a campus tour, do not forget to visit with an empty stomach so that you can enjoy those delicious food as well!

View from the main entrance of Korea university

Are you a fried food-a-holic? Always can not resist the juicy and crispy harmony everytime you bite into a piece of donkatsu? If you are a donkatsu lover and likes to discover around for different kind of delicious donkatsu selling restaurant, you will like this article as I will show you some best places for Donkatsu lover around Korea University!

History of Donkatsu in South Korea

Pork cutlet, namingly Donkatsu, is a very common and popular delicacy in South Korea, it is loved by many from the young to middle age groups. Donkatsu was introduced to Korea around 1930s, which was during the period of Japanese Rule, but the thick, Japanese-style tonkatsu failed to gain popularity.

It has became popular in the 1960s, with the spread of gyeong-yangsik, which literally means “light western food restaurants”. Although the dish has a Japanese derived-name, but the Korean Donkatsu followed Western pork cutlet recipes. It is made from a piece of pork, normally from the shoulder or back side of a pig, that is being cut into designated thickness, the chef will usually pound those cutlets with a special meat hammer to soften the meat before and coating them with flour or batter and fried to crispy golden brown colour.

Types of Donkatsu

It might be different for every shop, but a serving of Korean style donkatsu normally comes together with a delicious sweet and tangy sauce. The sauce either poured directly on top of the crispy goodness or served separately in a small sauce bowl on the side. The taste of the sauce might vary for each restaurant since most of the restaurants have a secret recipe when making the sauce. The Korean will normally not slice their donkatsu when serving it to the customer as it is already thin enough for the customer to easily slice through it with a dining knife.

Gorae Donkatsu

Located just right in front of the main entrance of Korea University. This place serves large portion of classic Korean style Donkatsu that can surely fill you up. A serving of donkatsu from this restaurant contains 3 pieces of fried pork cutlet, a bowl of janchi guksu (anchovy soup noodle), a small bowl of curry rice, as well as a salada, kimchi and pickled radish as sides! Besides the large meal portion, one special thing about them is that they only serve one type of menu for all. So if you are the indecisive type that always struggle when trying to make an order, this place is surely a place that is made for you.

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  • Location: 154, Anam-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul (Zip 02473)
  • Telephone: 02-953-6592
  • Business Hour: 09:30~21:30 Daily
  • Price: KRW8000
  • Isae Donkatsu

    This is another amazing place serving Korean style Donkatsu. Isae Donkatsu serves the juiciest donkatsu I have ever tasted in my life. Bite after bite, you just can not stop getting surprised and amazed by the savory pork juice that come out of the crispy cutlet. Their donkatsu is also famous with its big portion that comes together with a side of rice, salad, as well as miyo-guk (seaweed soup). This will be a very good choice if you are looking for a satisfying meal. Similar to Gorae Donkatsu, Isae Donkatsu also serves only one menu to all.

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  • Location: 32, Gaeunsa-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (Zip 02842)
  • Telephone: 02-927-7749
  • Business Hour: 10:30~21:30 (Close on Sundays)
  • Price: KRW9000
  • Eunhwasoo

    Eunhwasoo restaurant is one of the most classic restaurant representing the Gyeongyang-sik (light western style) dishes. They provide a wide varieties of dishes on their menu to be chosen from. From Japanese curry rice, hamburg steak, to many different kinds of Donkatsu, I have tried quite a few dishes from their menu and none of them had let me down. You can even add some extra toppings and sides to your order! The extra sides they provide includes extra cheese, fried Gorokae (potato balls will fillings), sausages, fried shrimps and etc.

    One best things about Eunhwasoo is that the prices of their menu are all very reasonable, including the extra toppings. Besides that, every order also comes with a complimentary potato/mushroom soup depends on what the kitchen prepare on that day. I am not so sure if this restaurant is a franchise but it definitely worth a visit.

    More info
  • Location: 77, Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (Zip 02856)
  • Business Hour: Mon~Fri (11:00~22:00), Rest time(15:00~16:30)
  • Price: KRW5500~KRW9500
  • Link: http://www.은화수식당.com
  • Baek so Jeong

    personally think that their chees donkatsu is a must-try from their restaurant

    Baek So Jeong is one of the few restaurants around Korea University that serves aunthentic Japanese style Donkatsu and other dishes. They are pretty well known for their thick cut Donkatsu with cheese fillings inside. The sides they provide includes baked rice cake with condensed milk (awesome!), a small bowl of hearty and warm udon noodles, a salad, as well as some rice. However, depends on the menu or set you order, the complimentary sides might be slightly different from one another.

    My dining experience there was really satisfying although they have a slightly higher price range compared to the other three restaurants I recommended here. I love their atmosphere and the modern Japanese style cuisines. Not only your taste buds get to enjoy some distinct and new flavors, the food is also served with very pleasant visual too! It is a great place if your like both taking pictures of food and also having good food.

    More info
  • Location: 30, Gaeunsa-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (Zip 02842)
  • Business Hour: 11:00~21:00 Daily, Rest time (15:00~17:00)
  • Price: KRW8000~KRW11900
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