Best Cafes in Jeju with an Ocean View

Jeju is the Hawaii of Korea, and it truly lives up to that nickname. Turquoise blue, white sand beaches surround the island. That makes it an ideal destination for Koreans and tourists alike.

In Jeju, you can spend the summer days swimming, hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. Maybe you want to take one day out of your itinerary to relax and enjoy some refreshments in an aesthetically pleasing place.

As with much of Korea, there are so many cafes throughout the island. The coffee culture is big here, and they stop at no expense to create a truly unique experience for cafe lovers. The interior design is unreal and transports you to another place. It would take a lifetime to experience every cafe that the country has to offer.

If you find yourself stuck in the rain or just wanting a day out of the sun and surf. Here are the best cafes in Jeju with an ocean view.

One and Only

The first cafe on the list is cafe One and Only located on the south side of the island in Seogwipo-Si. It looks like a beach house that you would find in California with the glass walls and modern design. This cafe serves an all-day brunch affair like the classic eggs benedict. The coconut latte is also a must-try. You can take your brunch inside at one of the tables that offers an oceanfront view with glass walls. Or, might I suggest going outside to one of the cabana chairs. 

After you finish your meal, marvel at the mountains in the back and the ocean in the front. The palm trees against the mountains make this place look like a tropical oasis. 

Manor Blanc

This cafe feels like it comes out of a storybook set in the countryside of southern France. It’s a bit harder to get to, but it’s worth it. The bus drops you off at what seems to be the middle of where Naver will navigate you up this gravel road with the countryside surrounding you. The cafe is a large French chateau-inspired house that is open and airy like a calm spring day. The interior has teacups and kettles on a large shelf that you’d probably find at Buckingham Palace. The tables are Victorian-style paired with the all-white grand color scheme.

The menu of this cafe isn’t extensive, but it has coffee drinks, Jeju’s famous mandarin orange juice, and cake flavors like red velvet. The cute pink cups with the cafe logo on them make up for it. 

Before you can even leave this cafe, you have to walk through the garden located at the back of the house. When the Camellias are in full bloom, this place is gorgeous. You have the mountains as a backdrop and the palm trees on the other side. The famous Jeju heads called Dol Hareubang mark the entrance to the garden. Get entranced in the lush greenery, and channel your inner Impressionist movement with a photoshoot. 

The Green Cafe

This place wins the aesthetically pleasing awards from me. Out of all the places I went to in Jeju, this one was hands down my favorite. At first, it looks like nothing more than a surf shack that serves sandwiches. When you see it in person, it’s a gorgeous little place that looks like it belongs in Brazil or some other tropical destination. Everything in this cafe is so well thought out, from the plants to the wall decorations. There’s this cozy yet industrial vibe to the furniture. 

The menu is small but unique and so much thought into every item featured on it. You will find the typical latte and Americano here, but there are some avocado specials included. The one that I tried was the avocado coffee. At first, I thought that if I ordered the avocado breakfast sandwich, that would be way too much. Surprisingly, the items paired together perfectly. The coffee was more of a smoothie consistency, but it was rich, creamy, and bold. If you decide to stop by this cafe, I highly recommend trying the avocado coffee.

Marie Antoinette Cafe

This cafe is on the north side of Jeju Island. It’s not far from the famous Yongduam Rock formations, which is one of the stops on the Jeju City hop on hop off tour. Luckily stumbled upon this gem while getting lost on the way. The cafe takes inspiration from the French queen Marie Antoinette. Everything from the walls to the cafe logo is Marine Antoinette. It’s a small establishment with an incredible view. 

When you enter, the coffee aroma welcomes you. If you’re a history lover, you would also know that one of Antoinette’s famous lines was, “Let them eat cake!” The cafe offers some hearty slices in a couple of different flavors. In addition to that, they have assorted macarons and an entire table of freshly baked desserts. 

The entire back part of the cafe is glass windows. Sip on your latter and enjoy the views. Before you leave, make sure you snap a few pictures next to the seaside.

That rounds up the list of Jeju cafes with oceanfront views. 

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