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Best Apps For Finding a Job in Korea

Are you interested in finding your own al-ba? Whether its some extra money that you’re after or you’re wanting to experience something new, meet new people and improve your Korean skills, finding a job in Korea has never been easier. Introducing the best apps for finding a job in Korea!

Part-time Jobs in Korea

A popular Korean slang word you may have heard before is “아르바이트” (ah-reu-ba-ee-teu), which means “part time job.” The word is actually the Korean phonetic version of the German word “arbeit” (aal-bee-uht), which can refer to any job, both part- and full-time. The Koreans even shorten it to “알바” (al-ba) too!

A very common part-time job in Korea is as a convenience store clerk. You may have noticed young students working in your local convenience store, or even studying behind the counter. Working at a convenience store is a great way to earn money while studying, especially if you land quiet shifts.

However, if you’re looking for a full-time job in Korea, it may be best to use online recruitment sites, especially if you’re looking for a job for non-Korean speakers. The following apps are particularly useful for students and full-time workers looking for second jobs. Let’s take a look at the 4 Best Apps for Finding a Job in Korea.

1) Alba Heaven al-ba cheon-guk


Alba Heaven is one of the highest-rated job search apps in the country. Available on both iOS and Android, Alba Heaven provides detailed recruitment information to its users. Simply sign up and craft your online resume. When searching, you can easily filter the job opportunities according to your location, qualifications and preference.

Source: Alba Heaven

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on first glance, you can add job alerts for when a suitable listing comes up. Moreover, you can exclude certain jobs that you’re not interested in.

For pure diversity of job opportunities, Alba Heaven is the sure winner.

2) Albamon

Source: Albamon

Up next is Albamon, the most popular job-search app with students. Whether its waiting tables at a local restaurant or manning the counter at a convenience store, there is plenty available on this site!

source: albamon

Also available on iOS and Android, Albamon has an easily customizable user interface. You can freely sort through an extensive list of filters in order to find the job that suits you and your circumstances. Some of the filters include region, industry, brand, salary, contract length etc.

Like with Alba Heaven, you have to make an online resume. However, Albamon includes options for improving your resume such as a spell checker and an auto-generated payroll calculator.

3) Saramin

source: saramin

Saramin is another job app with useful resume optimisation features. What’s more, this app has a detailed employment preparation process so you can be sure you’re firing on all cylinders when you sign up.

You can use the Saramin app or desktop website to find jobs suited to your skill-set. Moreover, Saramin has a personality analysis function too, deducing your key traits and recommending jobs accordingly.

source: saramin

The app also includes software to aid with interview prep, such as generating interview questions related to certain industries. However, the downside of Saramin is that it is only available in Korean. Therefore, if you’re not fluent in Korean, you’ll need a translator app handy to use it efficiently, though even then, it will take you a while.

The best way is to ask a Korean friend to help you, as they can ensure your resume sounds natural and is easy to understand — Google translate isn’t so good at this.

I would recommend this app for anyone who is indecisive on what job they want.

4) Incruit

source: Incruit

Last but not least, Incruit is another great job search app with everything from corporate to convenience store roles available. Incruit values itself on representing all types of job markets, making it another great app to use if you’re undecided.

Furthermore, if you want to build upon your career, Incruit is an excellent starting point. You can find jobs that will advance your skillset and make you more recruitable afterwards.

The preparation process is quick too, simply upload/create a resume and get searching! What’s more, the app will automatically send your resume to the company of your selected vacancy. You’ll also receive a notification when it has been read by the employer!

Note: These apps require a basic degree of Korean language. If you’re interested in learning Korean, take a look at this article on the 5 Best Apps for Learning Korean.