Benefits for Multicultural Families in Korea

Sometimes, we dream about moving abroad. Some of us have dreams related to work and studies, while others have dreams to find love and whatmore. For the ones who want to stay abroad for a long time, find love, and start their own family, sometimes it is hard to do so as a foreigner.

Paperwork, visa issuances, marriage and more are some of the things that keep many foreigners from committing to a country, but it is also something that can bring stability and, in many ways, help people out.

Did you know that Korea is the country with the lowest birth rate per year? For 2022, they birth rate was1.075 births per person, which means the population is not increasing. Soon, there will be more old people than young people in Korea, and the need for work force and to keep the culture going is increasing with as much urgency as the birth rates are dropping.

This is why the Korean government has issued some programs to help multicultural families. I had come to the same realization as the Korean government: Koreans, either women or men, do not want to have kids, so what can you do about it? You bring people who want to. 

In that context, Korea opened up two new Visa issuances for people wanting to go to Korea, and also fluency in Korean makes it easy for foreigners to exten their visas. But, as a way to promote childbirth, the Korean government has also installed different ways to help multicultural families to rise. This is one of the many ways that Korea has tried to increase their rapidly decaying population, trying to change their very homogeneous ways to a more inclusive society towards foreigners and immigrants.

Some of the benefits multicultural families get are the following: Korean language education, counseling, employment-linked programs, and education support for families with kids. Also included is medical and health support, and the access to a callcenter for multicultural families, to asses in any issues that may arise. 

There also is an article specifically dedicated to educate government facilities so they are more accessible by people who have trouble communicating in Korean. This act also still keeps under its wings kids of families that have gone through divorce but once were installed under a multicultural marriage of the parents.

If you wanna read the whole statues, Click here to find out in more detail. This is an important information that any person thinking of starting a life abroad should consider, in matters of economy and also of support that you can and must get when living as a foreigner in any country.

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