Working in Korea

Being a Waiter in Korea

Today, I would like to share my personal experience working at a buffet in Korea. The restaurant where I work specializes in seafood; shrimp, squid, but mainly seashells and pork. It doesn’t have a time limit and has some really great side dishes including sausage. In sum, I work at food heaven! Our customers are diverse. They come to eat their fill while spending time with friends and family, having a drink, and engaging in some interesting conversations.

How I Got the Job

Getting a job in Korea can be difficult – even a part-time gig at a restaurant. It is difficult due in part to the very high level of competition. You have to be quick in finding jobs and applying for them otherwise someone else will take your spot. However, I got my job through friends. Because a few people I knew worked there, they were able to recommend me for the position.

My Experience as a Waiter

The First Day

My first day there was a bit chaotic and I would definitely describe it as life-changing. It was my first time working in a restaurant, plus in a different country, and in a new language. Everything was unfamiliar, overwhelming, and slightly intimidating. 

On the day I began working, it was a Saturday evening, and the covid-19 situation wasn’t as severe as it is today. And so,  people could come and enjoy their meals normally. When 5 p.m came., all the tables were seated. The atmosphere was lively and boisterous. When I initially came in, I was immediately having second thoughts and began to worry.


However, those thoughts of self-doubt quickly left my mind. My friends showed me around and helped me ease into work. They taught me what to do, where everything was, and how to avoid disaster. Because of their help, I  quickly adapted to everything regardless of the hardships I had to face. 

With each passing day, I am becoming better. I am developing new skills, such as managing stress in difficult situations. I don’t have any regrets about working here. My Korean continues to improve. Plus, I met wonderful coworkers that made work even more rewarding and fun. Overall, I’m glad I am able to work as a waiter in Korea.

How You Can Become a Waiter in Korea

The most common sites you can use to find part-time jobs in Korea include; Albamon, KOTRA Job Fair web, and Job Korea. The difficulty with these sites is that they require a high level of Korean-speaking and comprehension ability to just navigate the website. This may be difficult to use for overseas students or people who just know basic Korean. Nonetheless, you should never give up. When you have hope, good things will happen.

When I was unable to work at restaurants or coffee shops due to my low level of Korean, Craigslist was a good option. There, you find tons of jobs that require little to no Korean and instead need English skills. This is the main reason why I would choose this website over other more conventional sites that Koreans use.

If you want more information on how to find part-time jobs in Korea, as a foreigner Click Here.