Behind the Rails Series: Tteokbokki in a Bread Bowl

Hello and welcome once again to this series I like to call Behind The Rail, where I tell you about a magical street near Haeundae, Busan. If you ever come to Busan, or if you already live here, this place is worth going to at least once. Today’s piece is about Korean food, more specifically the ultimate healing food – tteokbokki! If you like Tteokbokki as much as I do, you’ll love Happy Cheese Smile, they have tteokbokki in a Bread bowl!

Happy Cheese Smile, the Best Haeundae Tteokbokki

Just like the name of the restaurant suggests, Happy Cheese Smile’s food will make you so happy that you will leave with a smile…. And maybe teary eyes if you are like me and cry a bit when eating spicy….

Happy Cheese Smile is a Korean chain restaurant that sells spicy foods with cheese in the majority of their dishes. From classic Korean dishes to foreign food they serve up some amazing fusion dishes.

The style of the restaurants is usually the same at each location. Some have modern furniture with graphic designs on the walls. Yet, you still feel comfortable and welcome when you enter, it is a fun vibe to be and eat in.

The Menu

As I previously mentioned, Happy Cheese Smile’s food is healing for the soul. I really liked it. The menu includes Tteokbokki or some other dishes you may find in their original form and for a reasonable price. However, Happy Cheese Smile is mostly about making classic dishes even more delicious!


Their Tteokbokki has at least 6 different types, from creamy, to spicy, to rose. The types of toppings you can get include fried shrimp, potatoes, vegetables, and ramen. And their new addition to the menu – Tteokbokki in a bread bowl. Yes, I said it, Tteokbokki in a bread bowl! Something we did not know we needed in our lives until we saw it.

It is important to mention that you are able to choose the spiciness of the sauce used for the Tteokbokki. It is so everyone can enjoy their delicious food. The prices go from 6,000 won to 11,500 Won depending on the dish of your choice.

Other Items

For the rest of their menu, there are tonkatsu plates, udon, fried shrimp salad, fried chicken plate, and my favorite fried shrimp risotto.  The risotto is made with the Tteokbokki salsa and a lot of cheese, three things I love and I savor with my heart and soul. 

Again, the prices range are from 8,000 to 14,000 won.


It is not an amazing restaurant if you cannot order some side dishes to accompany your food!! Spoiler alert for this section… Everything is fried. 

Do you want some fried potatoes? You got them! Fried mandu? They have it! Fried mozzarella cheese? Of course!! Fried sweet potatoes?.. I don’t like sweet potatoes, but guess what? It is on the menu!! You can also get hash brown potatoes, assorted veggies, and criss-cut shape potatoes. But the best? Cheese with sweet potato balls. Yummm.

Prices go from 5,500 won to 3,500 won. And it is totally worth it. 

Just look at that cheese!!!

Set Menus

In the case of you wanting to try a bit of everything, they do offer some special set menus. You should check out them out and decide which one would be best for you. Do not forget to take a friend with you to help you take pictures and to enjoy the food! 

It is a perfect healing meal as a prize after a hard week of work. 

Location & Hours

Happy Cheese Smile Haeundae (미어캣파크)

Address: 29th floor, Udong 1-ro 20beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan
Korean address: 부산 해운대구 우동1로20번길 29 2층
Operating Hours: 

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