Bar Code: Cheap Clothes, Expensive Style

Who doesn’t love going out to buy new clothes? Notably, in Korea, people love it a lot. In Korea, people are always well-dressed, from chic-business style to cute looks, people are always dressed to impress. Sadly, shopping for trendy clothes tends to be pricey. I love window shopping in department stores, but I also keep a safe distance so that I don’t burn a hole in my wallet. But thankfully, there are budget-friendly stores for those who want to look good but spend little – Bar Code!

Other Places

My favorite place regarding fashion in the city of Daejeon has to be Shinsegae. So stylish, so beautiful, so well organized! Even though you can find some things on sale and some stores are not expensive, they are not cheap either. Big supermarket chains also have some nice clothes and the prices are lower. But, they don’t follow the style trends some people desire. This leads us to the question: how can I buy some very nice clothes without going bankrupt?

Well, I present you with the store that combines the quality of a department store, with the price of a regular clothing store: Bar Code!

Bar Code: The Store

The store has three floors: B1 (men’s fashion), F1 (unisex, high output pieces), and F2 (women’s fashion). I lowkey love how they separated everything by floors because it makes it way better when you want to find a certain type of clothes – or when you want to find a friend that went shopping with you. 

Since the first floor is for high-output clothes, most of the things you will see there are very trending and reasonably priced. I am talking about high-quality sets costing less than 15,000 Won. I love almost everything that is on display there, but if you already have your style and you want to stay true to it, the B1 and F2 floors are the ones for you. 

It is very rare for me to buy men’s clothing, but even so, whenever I go down to B1 I feel like buying everything. The real gem though is when I go upstairs. I am totally in love with the women’s section. 

Bar Code: The Clothes

Everything is so beautiful and well-made. I always remember Shin Hari, Young Seo (Business Proposal), and Kang Sara (The Beauty Inside) whenever I go there. I can easily imagine any rich k-drama character wearing their pieces. 

Korean fashion can be divided into three main styles: cutesy look (that includes sweaters, puffy sleeve tops, dresses, etc), chic visage (elegant, voguish, and modern), and the risqué faddish (leather jackets and skirts, jean tops, dresses, etc). As different from each other as they are, all three styles can be found in the store in a way to satisfy all tastes. 

Of course, there are some pieces here and there that are more expensive than others. Nonetheless, you can easily find what you want for a reasonable price. As an example, a lot of stunning sets cost around 20,000 Won. For those who pursue a luxury look, isn’t this a great prize to pay?

Something else I love about the store is that you can find good quality pieces that work both for an afternoon with the family and a night out. Plus, there are also perfect looks to go to work. And when I say good quality, I mean it! There was not a single piece of clothing I touched and didn’t think was not worth it or was not in a great state. They are all the types of clothes you know will last for a long time!

My Recommendation, At Last

You can go there and do some shopping whenever you want, of course. But if I could give you a recommendation, it would be to go there and buy things in between seasons. That way you can also enjoy greater sales.

This is it for today, folks. Hope you can get more stylish after visiting Bar Code!

Location of Bar Code

Bar Code is located in a very famous commercial area of Daejeon: Skyroad. Despite being “the hot place” for teenagers in the city, it also has some really interesting finds for anyone regardless of age. There are other clothing stores around with really pretty pieces too. None of them, however, resemble the ones we see in department stores as much as Bar Code. 

In front of the biggest arcade and right in the middle of where everything happens on the block, you can find Bar Code. You really shouldn’t have a problem finding the place. I am putting the address here to make it even easier for you!

Bar Code (바코드)

Address: 25, Daejong-ro 480beon-gil, Jung-gu, Daejeon
Korean Address: 대전 중구 대종로480번길 25
Opening Hours: 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM

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