Bangs! Korean Hair Trends

This year, bangs are all the trend in South Korea. However, these aren’t your standard bangs that cut a straight line across the forehead. These are whispy and see-through, creating a chic and elegant look.

Why It’s So Popular

If you have ever had significant contact with Koreans, you probably noticed how many Korean girls and women have distinct bangs. While the hairstyle is common everywhere, in Korea they are EVERYWHERE. It tends to be the go-to look for children, teenagers, young adults, and even women over 40. Contrasting to the idea some countries have that bangs should be kept for youngsters, you can choose to wear them in Korea despite your age. 

There are multiple reasons as to why this is the go-to hairstyle for Korean women. Some people just flow with the trends. Others just like the way it looks. Then, there are people who try to cover their insecurities like acne or age. And of course, some do it for all the above.

Perhaps, one of the most prevalent reasons is that having bangs can give you a sense of personal space while being in public. It may sound silly, but Korea is densely populated and you rarely get a moment alone. Some days, when you just want to be left alone, a face mask and bangs really work. Extra points if you have a cap with you! It brings a comfort people don’t talk about when listing the upsides of having bangs on the internet, but it’s totally worth being mentioned.

Trending Bangs

Out of all the existing types of bangs, the most preferred one by Koreans is a combination of what is called see-through and curtain bangs. It is called “Suzy bangs” by many. Although the term is already very specific, you can get some varieties of the Suzy bangs cut. 

Unlike choppy and baby bangs that Korean women also wear, see-through bangs are also able to be put to the sides, giving you the chance of a change in the look every now and then. They complement the effortless look most Koreans love to have. They shape your face, making your forehead look shorter and playing up your femininity.

The Best Place to Try it Out

If you feel like having yourself, I believe that looking at different Korean hairstyles is the best place to start.

I had had bangs for a long, but I was very dependent on my hairdresser. To be honest, I didn’t know how many different styles existed before coming to Korea. Most people think of them as being in a thick straight line across the middle of the forehead.

Even though I lived in France for a while, which is a country with a significant number of women who have bangs, I was shocked by how many bangs styles there are in Korea. Since it is very common to have other women around you who have it or had it before in their lives, you will learn various tips and steps you could follow to make your bangs look fabulous. 

Why I Love Korean Hair Culture

I personally love the bangs culture in Korean society. The aspect of it I am most fond of is how natural it is to see teenagers and even adults wearing hair rollers in public.

You can see people with their bangs in rollers on the streets, on public transportation, and pretty much anywhere gen Z is present. I hope it is passed on to the following generations.

Even though there are a lot of pros, we should also look at the cons. Bangs are a handful! Especially see-through ones, since they need to be done and/ or touched daily. Bear in mind that curly roots can make the process a little bit more complex. But it is okay, nothing is perfect in life and good things tend to call for more care. So, if you want to try this hairstyle, don’t be afraid!

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