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Attending Concerts in Korea – What To Expect

Attending concerts is one of those live performances that you will probably remember for a long time, especially if you really admire the performers. It is an event where you could feel waves of all kinds of emotions among the sea of people you are in. Korea is a country known to hold multiple concerts in a year showcasing the talents of its people especially the Kpop idols. Are you one of those who wish to experience attending concerts in Korea? Here are the things that you can expect to experience.

Concert Experience in Korea

I’ve been to several concerts and I must say that attending concerts in Korea is definitely a must-try when you visit the country. Aside from seeing your favorite artists in person, you will also appreciate the whole production from the stage, to lightning, to official merch selling and many more.

As a fan who used to live overseas, I once dreamed of experiencing it one day but there are some challenges when you are a foreigner. One is the buying of ticket and the language barrier. Of course, when the Kpop idols are performing in Korea, they will certainly use their own language to communicate to the fans during the show. It is not like a subtitle will appear on the spot while the show is on-going. Thus, if you can’t understand Korean, you might find it hard to know what they are saying any and understand instructions during the concert.

Ticket Buying

Moreover, the buying of tickets can also be stressful particularly if the artist or group has a huge fanbase in Korea. Sometimes, the tickets could sell out fast in a minute. Remember that you will be competing with fellow fans around the globe to get the best possible seat so make sure to set your alarm once the tickets go on sale and have your details ready for the payment section.

For a detailed guide on the ticket cost of watching concerts in Korea and other tips that will be helpful especially for overseas fans, read here.

Buying Official Concert Merchandise

Attending concerts in Korea is also a time for buying official merchandise and most of the time they are exclusively available during the concert day. If you are into collecting merch, then you would have to line up as early as you can. Some fans are even lining up the night before the event just to get the first dibs. Sometimes, there are vendors and fan sites too who sell unofficial merch within the vicinity of the venue.

Things to Remember

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes especially if you are in the standing area.
  • Bring your tickets. If you haven’t claimed it yet, you can claim it at the venue on the day itself. Note that foreigners must have a passport or ARC to claim the ticket.
  • Line up early especially if you are in the standing area.
  • You can camp all night if you want to get the first dibs for the official merchandise.
  • Do not use professional camera in taking photos or videos. Usually, they allow the use of mobile phones.
  • Be kind and polite to your fellow fans and the event staff.
  • Bring your light sticks and banners but do not raise them too high or all the time as you might block other person’s view.
  • Respect the artist’s personal space.
  • Don’t leave yet and wait for the encore.
  • Enjoy and don’t worry if you end up crying during the show. Your fangirl / fanboy feels are valid!

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