Arts & Crafts Paradise in Seoul

I know I already told you about a Yarn paradise in Seoul. However, this place is a bit different. It is a paradise for all arts & crafts lovers in Seoul. It is located in Dongdaemun and it is very accessible via bus or subway. 

Some Background

As you may already know, I love knitting. I have knitted a lot of stuff since coming to Korea because it helps me cope with my anxiety. Given that here life is more hectic than back home, I have been needing a lot of yarn to be able to destress so that I can function.

I was looking for a specific black yarn, because I wanted to knit a skirt. I needed a large amount of it. When I asked my friend, who is also a lover of crafts, she immediately smiled and asked me if I had ever been to the arts and crafts paradise in Dongdaemun. When I asked what it was, her eyes lit up and she made it her life’s motivation to take me there.

We waited until she needed yarn so the both of us could look for what each needed. When the time came, she was so excited that she couldn’t stop jumping on her seat. “You’re gonna love it”, she said. And I did!

Dongdaemun Arts & Crafts Plaza

It is a very big building that was dimly lit with fluorescent lighting but do not be afraid, inside there is a whole universe of magic. It’s like going through the Pavensie’s wardrobe and finding Narnia. I could not believe my eyes. Everywhere I looked, there were supplies for any project I could have possibly imagined.

It is a very big building. Each floor sells different materials, so if you are looking for something specific, you can go directly to the floor dedicated to your craft.

In the basement, you can find bedding, thread, yarn, and some fabrics. On the first floor, more yarn, accessories, and lace. On the second floor, there is hanbok and traditional fabrics. Then, on the third floor, fabrics of all kinds. Next, on the fourth floor, furs and special fabrics. Finally, on the fifth-floor jewelry supplies and a food section can be found.

There were so many beads, feathers, accessories, and a whole lot of stuff that I didn’t need. Nevertheless, I wanted it all so badly after looking at the price. Everything was so cheap!

In the end, I got a lot of yarn (200 grams) for only 10 thousand won, and I was so happy that I could’ve taken home a lot more. However, I knew that I would have my hands full for a while with this amount.

But you need to go. For real.

Dongdaemun Arts & Crafts Market (동대문종합시장D동)

Address: 266 Jong-ro, Jongno 6(yuk)-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Korean Address: 서울 종로구 종로 266 (종로6가 270-3)
Opening Hours: 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Closed: Sundays

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