Art in the streets: Gamcheon Village in Busan

Summer vacation is just around the corner and you still don’t know where to go for a trip? Well, no problem. There are plenty of marvellous places you can visit while in South Korea. I’m sure you already know that. However, if you’re having a hard time deciding which one to choose first, allow me to make a suggestion: Gamcheon Culture Village. Located in Busan, where the sea fairies meet the mountain spirits, Gamcheon Village is well-known for its brightly painted houses, intertwined streets and alleys, peaceful cafes, perfect for thirsty-for-adventure travellers. Built between 1920-1930, Gamcheon Culture Village slowly became one of the most important tourist spots in Korea, attracting lots of people interested in visual arts . Since the first time I heard about this place, I wanted to get there no matter what. Eager to visit “Korea’ Santorini”, I immediately asked my friends to join me in this wonderful journey to Busan. It was indeed a journey to remember, even if we got lost twice.

Gamcheon Culture Village may be a little far away from Busan city center, but I guarantee you it is worth visiting. Especially, if you prefer quiet artsy places more instead of crowded areas. So, don’t forget to put this place on your list.  

What can you do In Gamcheon?


You can buy tons of handmade souvenirs such as Little Prince key chains or figures, cute cups, fish-shaped necklaces, colorful flower pots or cool printed T-shirts.  


This is the perfect place to film your next videos and upload them on your social media page. Those bright murals and the emerald sea as your  background will definitely make every single photo look out of this world. 


You can admire some of the most magnificent work of arts here, in Gamcheon Culture Village, and, maybe get inspired to create one yourself. Who knows?! Let your creativity flow. 


Do not worry about finding the right accommodation close to Gamcheon Village, since you have plenty of options to choose from. Some well-known places where you can find accommodation near the village are  Hotel Foret Premier Nampo, GnB Hotel, Midi Hotel Busan etc. However, if you are traveling on a budget, you can easily find some cozy guest houses, just for a few dollars a night.  For more details, you can also visit the following website.

How can you get there?

Public transportation in Busan is easy to use and quite cheap as well. So, no need to stress out. First of all, make sure you have your T-money(transportation card) with you, and go to the subway station called Toseong(line no. 1). Once you arrive at Toseong, you must walk a little until you find Busan University Hospital. Here, you can take one of the buses(2-2/ 1-1) that goes to Gamcheon Village, which is the last stop. There is another way to go there, but only if you are mentally and spiritually prepared to climb the hill haha. Me and my friends chose the second option. We took the road less travelled by. And, in spite of the hot humid weather, we had a very pleasant walk, thanks to all the locals we met and talked to. A very talkative ahjumma who had the patience tell us stories about the village. Two students who kindly recommended us the best restaurants in that area. An old man who helped us to take a group picture. I will be forever thankful to these wonderful people who made our trip more beautiful. For more details about this magical place, you can click here.

My trip to Gamcheon Culture Village was definitely a great experience. After a semester full of research papers and deadlines, visiting this place refreshed my weary mind and soul. One of my favorite spots that left a deep impression on me was an exhibition hall I visited after climbing the hill. I was pleasantly surprised to see this wonderful creation in the main room. Dark greenish lines, floating in the air or barely touching the ground. What do you think it represents? The intricacy of this work of art made me think about human mind.

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🇷🇴 Emilia Bucsan

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