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An Introduction to Photo Booths in Korea

Who doesn’t love a fun photo session with friends? Back in high school, I loved taking quirky pictures in photo booths. I still cherish many of those pictures today. However, my past photo booth experiences don’t even begin to compare to my experiences here in Korea. Korea took the photo booth concept to the next level! With so many different concepts, you’re sure to find something that matches your style.

Street Photo Booths

There are plenty of street photo booths in Korea – in nearly every neighborhood! It was a big culture shock when first arrived here. With street photo boths, you can hop in anytime and strike a pose with your friends. However, don’t forget to bring cash. Some photo booths accept cards, but some don’t.

Once you’ve snapped your pics, you can add a filter and effects, then choose how many you want to print. Within two minutes – Voila! You’ve got your photos.

In case you have trouble coming up with some fun poses, our girls at KoreaNow got you covered! From the hand heart popularized by Korean celebrities to the all-time favorite peace sign, they’ll let you know all of the latest trends.

Photo Booth Studios

Photo Photo booth studios are the evolved version of street photo booths. They usually offer various props, makeup, and hair booths. Additionally, the editing is usually a bit more complex with some fun backgrounds and stickers you can add.

I highly recommend 인생네컷 which translates to Life’s four cuts! It started as a street photo booth and eventually became the most popular photo studio in Korea. The studio has tons of accessories to play with, different themed rooms, and even a makeup room for you to get ready. They really thought of everything! And – you only pay for the photos you print, how great is that!

Themed Photo Booths

Another fun activity to do with friends is taking pictures at a themed photo studio. There are so many unique concepts out there to choose from – retro, school uniform, even period costumes. You can even take family-style portraits with your family of friends you’ve adopted in Korea.

One photo booth studio where you can feel like your favorite Celebrity for a day is Photomatic. It’s a popular place among Korean celebrities and is famous for its classic, chic Black and white pictures.

Looking at the photos, it’s easy to think they were taken by a professional photographer. Many celebrities have visited the studio including; Cha Eunwoo, Jung Gyuwoon, Hani, UV, Weki_meki, Gong Hyojin, Sulli, and Oh Yeon Seo.

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