An Alternative Option for Nightlife in Daejeon

Not into binge drinking and hangovers? This article is for you! These are some ways that you can spend a night out in Daejeon without regretting it the next day.


How often have you heard, “Hey man, let’s go on a night out?” How often have you been filled with flashes of images of binge drinking, dancing, vomiting, and the inevitable hangover the following day? If so, then you are not alone because this is something that I have also experienced, not just here in Korea but in every other country, I have lived in. 

But, what if you are not a person that likes those things? What if you want to go on a night out without a hangover the following day? Well, you are in luck because there are several things that one can do in Daejeon, South Korea, at night. Whether it is shopping, riding your bike along the river and enjoying a lovely evening, or even enjoying a spectacular view that will leave you a head full of memories that could last a lifetime.

Shopping at Skyroad

At night, one of the most exciting places in Daejeon is the SKY ROAD. This area is located in Eunhaeng-dong and is surrounded by many clothing shops, cafes, bars, and much more. However, the best part of this area happens at night when the LED screens light up and display loads of information advertisements. This makes the whole area start buzzing with energy.

One of the things I enjoy doing the most is walking around and watching people. I am glad that this area, which was severely affected by the covid-19 pandemic, is beginning to return to its former glory as a nighttime venue in Daejeon.

Daedong Sky Park


One other area that makes Daejeon interesting at night is Daedong Sky Park. This park was created in 2009 and has become a popular destination for young couples and nearby university students (Woosong University).

In this park, there are many things to occupy your time, such as a mural village, coffee shops, and a windmill. The city has used this windmill to represent the park, and many people visit to view this structure and the gorgeous panoramic view of the city behind it. It is a fantastic view during the day but even more striking at night. You should definitely visit this if you have the chance.

Expo Bridge

(엑스포 다리)

One of the many great things about Expo Bridge is that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether it’s riding your bike along the trail that connects Yuseong-gu to Seo-gu, eating snacks under the dome building, or even taking a walk on the actual bridge itself, which lights up on a summer night and creates an environment that is both peaceful and relaxing. But be careful of the mosquitos because they like to swarm the area around the river. It’s a slight hazard, but overall, a worthy experience.

Something New for a Night Out

Overall, Daejeon is a city that emphasizes maintaining relationships. Whether it’s family or friendships, these relationships are at the core of what the city is about. This includes things to do at night. So, the next time you have a friend asking to have a night out, you can say sure. Then suggest something new instead of doing the standard bar hopping that you might have done in the past. This will lead to a new experience that could stay with you for the rest of your life.

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🇺🇸 James Maines

My name is James and I am a writer, traveler, and teacher living in South Korea.