Amazing Facts About Hangang Art Park, Seoul

Hangang Art park caters to its visitors’ both physical and mental fatigue, unlike any other park. In a city where you will find many parks for leisure and amusement, there was a need to boost up citizens’ spiritual and emotional morale. Seoul is a very metropolitan and urban city where life is quite fast and one has to be even faster to cope up.

This nail-biting competition of survival of the fittest makes one psychologically exhausted. This is why the administration decided to pick a spot for the relaxation of its people. Although the Hangang park area was already allocated for recreational purposes, this whole program of giving it an artistic touch, however, is quite new and unique.

If you see the pictures, you could realize that the artwork in the park isn’t chosen aimlessly. In fact, nothing about the park is aimless. All of these pieces of art are thought-provoking and stimulating and this exactly is the whole idea of installing them.

Who Made These Sculptures?

Whenever we see something unique and extraordinary, we wonder who made it and what was he thinking. Our mind travels back to the origin of the piece. Plus, the least way we could appreciate the administration and the artists who worked tirelessly to amuse us is to reckon their identity.

So the administration basically held a competition amongst professional artists and the public for the artwork. And then a committee of experts and professionals sat down to evaluate their work on basis of various themes. These themes ranged from checking about spirituality, leisure, flow, light, and a lot of others.

After finalizing the best ideas, the committee gave a green signal to the artists and installed them in the park later.

What Do These Artworks Say?

So, Hangang Art Park is not only about eating your food in a picnic area. Although visitors are encouraged to do whatever they want like enjoy the sunset in such a serene environment full of spirituality around. Or simply eat their lunch during their office break. However, there’s a lot more this park tells us. Let’s check out what these themes are.

Flow & Stop

There are sculptures that represent flow and stop in line with the river’s idea. If you take a look at these pictures, you know what I am talking about. Although the Han River has always been there it is time to reconnect to this river from a different perspective. And this is all these artworks are saying.

Excitement & Light

So this artwork represents the light and excitement that the city offers. Since the Ichon district is newly created, the park gives you a great opportunity to revisit your connection with nature and the district through its art.


Secrecy is also a part of the Hangang Art Park’s core as there is a secret in both nature and this artwork. It stimulates you to get to know what this secret is. Like the boat that anchored on land rather than being in the water. Why is it not in the water and what is the artist trying to convey through it? These are the little secrets that are through-provoking. 

This secrecy also represents the soul South Korea as the country rose up from ashes to a super country of the world. Today, the world recognizes Korea by its rich cultural heritage and technology and Hangang Art Park is a proof of it.

Besides the artwork, there are so many programs the park administration offers like a walk throughout the park with an elaboration of all ideas. There also is a program linked with a university to promote and and performance. 

All in all, Hangang Art Park is not merely a park for leisure and picnic, it is a philosophy. You must visit this park if you are into such soulful and stimulating things.