Alpaca World for Alpaca Lovers

Have you ever imagined taking a stroll with an alpaca, just like how people do with their puppy pet? At the Alpaca World in Hongcheon, this can be not just a dream. Last week, we visited Alpaca World as reviewer group under the application on their Instagram page. In fact, they open the reviewing program once in a month. Go try your luck to get free tickets!

How to Go to Alpaca World

We started off by taking a 1-and-a-half-hour intercity bus from Seoul to Hongcheon. The bus tickets can be reserved online beforehand or on the spot for 8000 won. After we arrived there, we grabbed a taxi to get to Alpaca World and we reached in 25 minutes. You can also choose to take a public bus but please remember to check their intervals and plan you time wisely.

Having fun in Alpaca World

And… Here we are!

Before we enter the farm, we got our tickets which costed 15,000 won per adults and got our hands and body sanitized. Also, we were given a map of the whole farm and some feeds for the animals.

The guidebook also contains a stamp tour which can be collected at each station of the farm!

Alpaca Playground

Entering the main entrance of the farm, what awaited us was three adorable alpacas isolated in a large field.

Look at their naive faces. Awww… We fed them with the feeds given earlier and I touched an alpaca for the first time in forever. It was so exciting!

Rabbit feeding experience

After getting bored with them, we headed to the next station- Safari Train Experience. Unfortunately, it was not available during our visit due to some repairing construction. We skipped that part and continued with rabbits feeding session.

Make sure to use spoon when feeding the rabbits. Their teeth were quite strong!

Before heading to the next station, we went into an air-conditioned coloring room to enjoy some coloring while taking rest.

Children would definitely love this. Good activity for a family trip!

Taking photos at photo zones

After taking some rest, we walked towards the next station according to the route recommended in the guidebook. There were a lot of creative photo zones along our way.

The World of Deer

Then, we arrived at our next station to interact with little deers!

There were approximately 20 deer surrounded by some ropes. They looked approachable and tame when we tried to give them the feed.

Walk with Alpacas

Last but not least, as a perfect ending of the visit, we rented an alpaca for 10,000 won to take him for a stroll for 20 minutes. The ticket could be bought at a vending machine just close to the troop of alpacas. After securing a waiting number, we waited till our number being called out and we were assigned an alpaca. However, one was not allowed to choose the alpacas, only could accept which that is assigned. And, the alpaca which we were assigned to was “Kaka”!

He was kind of skinny and adamant at the same time! The instructor taught us on how to guide Kaka walk with us (which was by luring him with the feed) , and some do’s and don’ts before we began. It was fun but never an easy stroll though!

Actually there was a bird garden where one could have birds standing on one’s shoulders and feel them. But because we were running out of time, we ended our trip without visiting the bird garden. (sob)

Get a souvenir

One thing before we left, we received a free alpaca doll from the souvenir shop located just beside the ticket box! There were many alpaca souvenirs you can get there. Everything was just so adorable with alpaca printed!

The large one is my own and the small whiter alpaca is the souvenir we got!

If you have a chance to visit Hongcheon, Alpaca World is a must-go place you can visit with your family, friends or lovers as a date. That will be a wonderful trip!


🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea