Alpaca World, a heaven on earth for alpaca lovers!

Are you an alpaca lover? Make sure you pay a visit to the Alpaca Word when travelling to Korea!

About the Alpaca World

The Alpaca World is located in Hongcheon, the countryside of Gangwon-do. The Alpaca World is one of the largest forest experience farms in Korea, spreading across 110,000 square feet of land. The place is surrounded by forest and mountain valley, providing great views and allowing the visitors to enjoy the grandeur of nature.
The Alpaca World offers special interactive experiences for the alpaca lovers where they can meet, greet ad feed the alpacas in a safe environment.


Here is the guide map of the Alpaca World.

Alpaca World Big 3

There are three major highlights of the Alpaca World trip.

#1 Alpaca Playground

Once entering the Alpaca World, the Alpaca Playground is the first thing you will come across. The Alpaca Playground is a good place to experience an up close and personal encounter with the alpacas. There are four alpacas come in different shades roaming around the area. The alpacas do not have much fleece as they just got their fleece shaved. You can feed them with food and take photos with them.

Alpaca Playground

A selfie with those lovely alpacas is a must!

#2 A Healing Walk with Alpacas

Another highlight at the Alpaca World is Healing Walking. Visitors can rent an alpaca for 15 minutes at 10000 won. You are allowed to bring the alpaca for a walk around the area. It is a good chance can get close to the alpacas and touch their super-soft fur.

We rent a black shade alpaca named 카카 (‘KaKa’). Look at those big doe eyes, quirky face and also their super soft and fluffy fur. Aww… my heart just melts.

The alpaca will not listen to you well unless you have food in your hand. You will have to feed it once a few steps to keep the alpaca walking. It was a fun and new experience for me!
It is a great opportunity to take a perfect photo with your favourite alpaca!

#3 Alpaca Safari Train

The Alpaca Safari Train is one of the highlights featured in the brochure. However, the service is currently unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other Animal Zones

Besides alpacas, the Alpaca World is also home to many other animals as well. The other animal zones include the Rabbit Country, Deer Country, Goat Playground, Owl Country, Birds Garden and so on. You can also interact with some of the animals by feeding them food. The Alpaca World is definitely a great place that you can expect more than what you thought at the first place.

Photo Zones

There are also photo zones located here and there in the Alpaca World. The nature setting is stunning and I think it will be nice to pay a visit here during autumn.

The place is very hilly with steep slopes. The place is much bigger than what I expected. Each attraction within Alpaca World is widely spaced apart. It is hot and tiring to climb up and down the slopes if you are visiting here during summer, like me.

There are a few shelters with air-conditioning built in the area for visitor to take a short break. You can do some activities like coloring at the rest area and Alpaca Gallery.

The walls are full of drawings done by the visitors.

There is also a food court in the Alpaca World. However, they do not provide a wide range of food choice. I strongly recommend you to visit here after having lunch or bring your own food.

Overall, the Alpaca World is indeed a heaven on earth for Alpaca lovers. I strongly recommend you to pay a visit here if you love alpacas! The Alpaca World is also a great place to visit for family trips with children. The trip is definitely one of the most unforgettable trip and a special experience for me.

Operating Hours

The Alpaca World operates normally for 363 days, except for Lunar New Year’s Day and Korea Thanks giving Day. It is open from 10 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Do note that the ticket box and Alpaca Healing Walking close time is at 4.30p.m. and 5.00 p.m. respectively.

Price Information

Admission: 15000 won (child and adult), free (age below 36 months), 12000 won (age 65 & above)
Healing Walking: 10000 won
Alpaca Safari Train: 3000 won (currently not available due to COVID-19)
Extra Animal Feed: 1,000 won per cup

The fee includes a cup of feed.

How to get there from Seoul?

Take Intercity Bus at the East Seoul Terminal → Get off the Hongcheon terminal → Take the Hongcheon Terminal Bus (Ddeokbatjae.Pungcheon) → Walk to the AlpacaWorld

It is a bit complicated to reach there by using public transport. Make sure to check the bus operating schedule before you go so that you will not have to wait for a very long time. The journey from Seoul to Alpaca World took around 3 hours.
You can also take a taxi from Hongcheon terminal if you miss the bus but it would be a bit pricey.

Address: 310 Pungcheon-ri, Hwacheon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do

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