All You Can Eat BBQ in Daejeon: Phantom Pan Pig

This is the best all you can eat BBQ in Daejeon! Phantom Pan Pig is a very affordable option for meat lovers in Daejeon looking for a taste of Korean barbeque. So, what are you waiting for, let’s go!

The Restaurant

Phantom Pan Pig (팬텀팬피그) is no different from other barbecue restaurants in Korea. You get seated at a table with a grill, and you are served the necessary equipment and ingredients to make your own delicious meal.

The difference between this and others is that if you choose the all-you-can-eat option. However, you might need to ask the waiters to refill the meat and soda. Other than this, you can get everything at the self-serve station. The self-serve station includes sauces and vegetables, as well as rice and other sides.

The Menu

Now for the difference between the menu at Phantom Pan Pig and other Korean barbecue places. For a nice price, you can have an unlimited amount of varied meat cuts, and also a special sauce!

There are two options, the simple, one and the one with multiple cuts and sauces. The price difference between them is only 1,000 Korean won, so I went for the more expensive option!

Also, I would like to point out that both menus include unlimited ramen! It comes with seafood and it is perfectly spicy, cutting back a little of the grease of the pork.

The simple menu is 14,800 Korean won, while the special Phantom Pan Pig menu is 15,800. For those who know their meat types, the simple menu includes samgyeobsal (삼겹살) and moksal (목살), while the special one comes with the two previous options and the addition of hangjeongsal (항정살) and gabeurisal (가브리살).

Because of the difference between the two menus, I learned the many cuts that were possible to be eaten, so it was great to be able to try the complete set.

Now for the special sauce, if you like the red sauce that is usually served at Korean barbecue places, you will like Phantom Pan Pig’s sauce. It is similar to what we all know and love, but more garlic, and some other ingredients that I could not put my finger on. But trust me, you will not be disappointed by it, and honestly, just one more reason to order the special menu.

Location & Hours

The Phantom Pan Pig location I went to is conveniently located by the Skyroad in Daejeon, the exact address both in Korean and in English are as follows:

Korean: 대전 중구 대종로488번길 46 1층
English: 46 Daejong-ro 488beon-gil, Jung-gu, Daejeon

There are two more locations in Daejeon. One is near city hall, and the other is in Yuseong-Gu. There is also a location each in Jeonju and Gwangju.

Working Hours

Enjoy Phantom Pan Pig’s menu at any time! It opens at midday and closes at 10 pm, with no break time, so eat as much as you would like.


Definitely try out Phantom Pan Pig. It is affordable, delicious, and provides you with many options, not usually found for a cheap price in Korea. Their complete menu makes it worth paying just a thousand Korean won more.

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