Alien Mill- a Gluten Free Bakery in Seoul

Having a gluten allergy can seriously limit your options for dining out. But fear not, for we have found the perfect place for you to enjoy your favorite baked goodies minus the gluten! That’s right! Now you can enjoy all kinds of cakes, breads and cookies at the Alien Mill bakery in Yeongdeungpo. It is Korea’s very own gluten-free bakery conveniently located in Seoul.


Getting there

After hearing about this gluten-free paradise you must be itching to go out and try some of their freshly baked items yourself. So, here is their address. The bakery is located at Acro Tower Square 9-dong 3, 10 Gukhoe-daero 54-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

The subway is the most pocket-friendly way to get to the bakery since you only need to pay KRW 1250 for the ride especially if you are starting out from Seoul. Board the subway at City Hall Station and take line 1 to Singsil Station. Here, switch to line 5 which goes straight to Yeongdeungpo Market Station. That’s it! Alien Mill is right across from the station on the first floor of Acro Tower.

The bakery operates from 9 am till 9 pm at night so you can drop in any time for a quick snack!


Alice in Breadland!

The minute you enter you will be enveloped by the warm smell of freshly baked bread. The bakery boasts of a huge selection of bread loaves and baguettes and it is seriously very difficult to decide which one to try because they all look so mouth-watering.


Check out these tall, fresh baguettes! They are so massive and very fresh and airy. I definitely recommend getting these to take home because they pair so well with literally everything.


Gluten Free Bakery in Seoul

But really the fact that they are one of the few places that offer gluten-free options in Seoul is the real cherry on top. It is simply amazing how you can get all kinds of baked goodies with no compromise on taste. So, what’s their secret?


The thing that sets them apart is rice flour. Yup that’s the secret ingredient they use instead of the traditional wheat flour that has gluten in it. This way they can still make tasty bread treats but also cater to clients who want to avoid gluten in their diet.

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For the love of cakes

If you love light spongy cakes with delicious fresh cream then you are at the right place at Alien Mill! They have a lovely selection of three layer sponge cakes with a range of different fillings so you can pick one according to your taste.


I got the one topped with large fresh strawberries and dusted with powdery icing sugar. Honestly it looked like snow sprinkled on strawberries and was just so beautiful I almost did not what to eat it. But of course I did and it was so yummy and delicious. That said I did take lots of pictures before demolishing it because it was just so Instagrammable!


Trust me, you can’t get a nicer birthday cake than this because it wasn’t just beautifully decorated but also had a really good flavor and the sponge had a nice light cloud-like texture. So, I will be going back for more!

Cute cookies galore

The bakery also has a wide variety of cookies on offer that are packed and ready to go. You can get some of these as you leave for the ride back home or to share with friends and family. I suggest the large round cookies with the animal motifs if you want to surprise any kiddos at home!


Final Scorecard


To wrap up I’d like to say that this bakery should be on your list if you are looking for gluten-free options in Seoul because it is pretty rare to find a place that provides healthier alternatives. So, this place is an absolute gem of a find and a must-visit!

Don’t forget to let us know if you’d like to pay a visit to this must-visit bakery.

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