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Accommodation: Apps to Find the Best Hotels

Are you living in South Korea and planning to do a trip in the country? Then, these apps to find accommodation might be best for you, since you can find the greatest hotels in South Korea!

And what it is better, is that you can get the best discounts. Since these are focused for the people who already live here.

With this in mind, let us introduce you to these apps! That might let you wanting to do your luggages right away!


Find Discounted Hotels!

Booking through korean apps is indeed your best option! And this is because you can find every type of discounts and coupons. Which you might not find in international apps such as ‘expedia’. Since most of these, are only available for people that already lives in South Korea.


With this in mind, we are about to introduce you these apps in which you can find your ideal accommodation, since they have the best hotels!

Yeogieottae (여기어때)


This is for sure one of the most used apps! And no wonder why. Since they give a lot of coupons.


In this app you can find any type of accommodation. Such as hotel, motel, pension, resort, camping area, hanok, and some others.

What I like about this app is that it divides the motels in categories. For example, if you want to book in a motel to go with your partner, it has a section where you can only find love hotels. While if you are booking just because you want to stay in a cheap place to travel, you can book in the regular section. Like this, you can avoid any uncomfortable situation.


You can buy tickets for various types of activities as well. For example, to go to an aquarium, amusement park tickets, escape room, etc. And even to go to some events.


What I find interesting about this app is that you can even reserve to eat in a restaurant or how Koreans call them, ‘맛집’. You can buy gift cards and coupons to exchange for food as well. From franchises like Starbucks, Emart, GS25, etc.


They usually have a lot of coupons and events. And also, some hotels have their own discounts. That you can only get it when booking through this app.

Payment Methods

You can pay through credit card, Kakao pay, Naver Pay, TOSS, mobile payments or PAYCO.

Yanolja (야놀자)


This app is my favorite! Because you can basically prepare your whole trip there. With this I mean that you can do more than just book a hotel. For example, you can book a flight, get train tickets and even rent a car!


But what it is better, is that you can actually choose in what type of place do you want to stay. In other words, you can book between different types of accommodations. Such as motel, pension, resort, camping area, hanok, etc.

In case you want to stay in a fancier place, you can find it here! Since they have a section called ‘Premium’. Where you can find some of the most expensive and luxurious hotels from South Korea. And the best thing, is that they usually have a lot of discounts! So maybe you can get a room in an expensive hotel at a reasonable price.


Here, you can also buy tickets of some attractions. For example, you can buy tickets for the cable cars of each city. You can get tickets for amusement parks as well. Such as Everland, Lotte World, and others!

Because of this, it is one of the best apps that you could download.

You can even discover activities that you might not know that they exist. In other words, attractions that are not really well known by tourists. Because when we look on internet to know what type of things we can do in a trip, we only get recommended the basic things. But here, you can find more things to do. So you can experience your vacation just like a korean.


As we mentioned before, you can book flights, train tickets, and also rent a car.


In this app you can get some of the higher coupons, for sure! Not only because they have a lot of events, but also because they give you money just for entering the app.

Sometimes they put a lucky wheel promotion. Where they give you between ₩50 – ₩300 per day. Depending on what number are you between those who entered the app. In other words, if you enter the app and are the first one to do during the day, you receive ₩300. But if you are the last to enter, you receive ₩50.

They also have another lucky wheel. Where you can participate to win money, or some of their own products! They have many events as well.

Payment Methods

You can pay through credit card, Kakao pay, Naver Pay, Chai payment, TOSS, Smile pay, SSG pay, PAYCO, mobile payments or real-time account transfer.

If you want to know more about this app, we recommend you to visit the article we have written for you!

DailyHotel (데일리호텔)



In this app you can find hotels, motels, resorts, pensions and boutique hotels. But what makes it different to other apps, is that you can even book hotels abroad. With this I mean that if you want to travel to another country, you can book a hotel for that trip. For example, if you plan to go to Mexico, you can just look for a hotel in Mexico through this app.

And this, makes it the most practical app for travelers in Korea.

Although there are international sites ㅡ such as booking ㅡ that you could use, they wont have all these payment methods that we use in South Korea. In other words, you might no be able to pay with kakao pay, naver pay, or any korean service in those. But in this one, you can of course do.


In this app you can also buy tickets for different attractions. You can book a beauty sessions as well. Such as skin care sessions.


You can make reservation in some restaurants through this app. Even in the fanciest ones!


Of course, there is a lot of discount events. I have found some luxury hotels at a cheaper price here.

Payment Methods

You can pay through credit card, Kakao pay, Easy payment, Chai payment, mobile payments or account transfer.


In these apps you can indeed find your ideal accommodation, since they have some of the best hotels. And the best thing, is that they have a lot of discounts! So you can stay in the hotel of your dreams, at the cheapest price.

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