A Weekend in Mokpo: Stunning Korean Port City

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Mokpo, a small town in Jeollanamdo Province. It is located at the southwestern tip of the Korean Peninsula. Mokpo is famous for its port and it’s stunning ocean views.

About The City

Mokpo is a medium-sized Korean city along the Southwestern coast of Korea. If flying isn’t your thing, you can easily go to Jeju island from Mokpo by ship. It is a small city that you can explore on a one-day trip. Plus, it is easy to get there from all over Korea.

You can either use the train or the bus. In my case, I used the bus because it’s more convenient and runs multiple times a day. Here are my top recommendations of where to visit while in Mokpo. 

Mokpo Marine Cable Car

The Mokpo cable car is the highest and longest in Korea. Experience the thrills at a height of 155 meters with a length of 3.2 kilometers.

You can ride the cable car from the North Port to the Goha-do to the mainland. This cable car connects Mokpo and the small islands surrounding the port. You can enjoy the scenery of the original downtown of the city along with the port and Samhak-do.

The roundtrip ticket is about 22.000 Won. When I visited, I had to wait for two hours because it was so crowded on the weekend. But, it was worth the ride. Once you arrive, you can walk around the sea, enjoy the cafe and observatory deck, and do some small hiking around Yudal Mountain. 

Mokpo Modern History Hall

This museum is the location of the filming of the Korean drama “Hotel Del Luna”. First, it was built in 1900 as a Japanese Consulate and used as the City Hall of Mokpo, city library, and cultural center. Now, it is operated as Mokpo Modern History Hall.

The entrance gate of this museum is where a lot of visitors take photos. Inside the museum, you can also take pictures with the background of the Hotel del Luna set. This museum is not too big, but you can see the history of the city of Mokpo. Behind the museum, there are also tunnels that you can go to. This tunnel contains a replica of the one that existed during the Japanese colonial period.

Mokpo Skywalk

This is a good place to visit during the nighttime. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of walking on the sea with a walkway made of steel footsteps and safe and transparent tempered glass. The skywalk shows the best scenery of the Mokpo bridge, the sunset of the West Sea, and the Mokpo Marine Cable Car.

There are also good bars and restaurants. I went to a famous seafood restaurant and then drank a beer. After that, I walked along the shoreline. The waves were really calm. I recommend it to visit at night because you can see the colorful lights and you will not feel hot because of the sun. 

Mokpo Natural History Museum

The last place that I visited during my Mokpo trip was Mokpo Natural History Museum. This is where you can see the 4.6 billion years of natural history.

You can experience a variety of VR and AR content and video shows such as an AR photo studio, an AR of hatching the dinosaur egg game, and walk in the ecosystem of a pond where various aquatic life lives.

The most interesting thing about this museum is that you can see the types of beautiful rocks from various countries such as diamonds, gold, and silver. You can also see the big dinosaur replica in the middle of the museum. Overall, it is a place to learn about animals, plants, and the history of the earth.

So Much More

These are the places I visited while in Mokpo. Actually, there are more places I want to visit next time I go. For example, I want to see the Yeonhee Supermarket, the place where the drama 1987 was filmed, and the famous sunset park. Also, the people in this city were really nice!

When my friend and I were sitting on a bench in a park, an old couple approached us and gave us some delicious meals. In the end, we are involved in a pleasant conversation. I totally recommend you visit for a relaxing weekend trip!

If you are a K-Drama fan, there are so many filming sights to see in Mokpo! Click Here for a list of some of the best K-drama filming sites in the port city.