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A visit to the floating Starbucks on Han River

The coffee consumption in Korea is intense – many Koreans drink not just one, but several coffees a day. Of course, there are plenty of different cafes that you can visit to get your daily portion of caffeine; from various franchises to small, cozy and unique cafes, there is something for everyone. But did you know that this year the first floating Starbucks in Seoul opened on the Han River?

Tiago Azinheira – @totori_namu on Instagram

Not far from Jamwon Park along the Han river is “Seoul Wave”, where this Starbucks branch is located inside in. You cross a small bridge and reach this floating cafe.


It has two floors, which invite you to relax. The view of the river, the skyline and the Namsan Tower is super beautiful, especially towards sunset time.

If you can’t find a place inside or you prefer to sit outside, that’s no problem at all. There is also a small terrace with tables and chairs, which is perfect to chill outside at. You’ll get a gorgeous view of the water and the park nearby.

My tip: Rent a bike and take a bike tour along the river. You can have a relaxed break here!

Feeling like having a coffee at a unique location? Then off to Han River and experience the floating Starbucks.

Administration: STARBUCKS – SEOUL WAVE
Telephone: +82-1522-3232
Operating Hours: 09:00-21:00
Address: 145-35, Jamwon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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