A Rather Cozy Summer Day in Korea ^.^

Here in Korea, the temperatures have risen significantly now that summer has come. Some days are hotter than others, and it’s extremely uncomfortable to spend a lot of time outside in the sun on a hot summer day. I don’t know about you, dear reader, but on days like today, I become fairly exhausted from the intense heat.

Hello Summer Day!

It wasn’t too cold, windy, wet, or hot. There was a gentle wind blowing, and the temperature was lovely. As a result, my girlfriend and I made the decision to gather a few items and hang out close to the Han River. We planned on doing a few things there, but our main objective was to have a good picnic.

The Han River is normally a fairly beautiful location throughout the year, but right now in the summer, if the weather cooperates, it is simply gorgeous! Many people are certainly having a good time there through the summer. People gather along the river’s edge to hang out and make memories, from families with children to couples and friends.

Ideal Picnic on a Summer Day

So here we are, making memories of our own! The following was the initial idea my girlfriend had a few days ago: a rainbow picnic!

It appears to be a rather popular activity; perhaps you have also heard of it. Each party chooses a color from the rainbow and then purchases food or beverages in that color. Since there were just the two of us, each of us had to select several colors. We still had a good time. However, I’m sure it works much better with more people – you also would be less likely to run into the problem of having bought too much.

We both went shopping the day before – each on our own. We were not allowed to reveal to the other person what we had bought until the picnic the following day. Obviously excluding food that must be stored in our fridge.

The Preparation

Now that the real day had arrived, we had to get everything ready. While my girlfriend was chopping up some of her own fruits and veggies, I made sandwiches for both of us, along with drinks, snacks, and other stuff I had purchased. Before we left on our mini date, we also need to remember to bring a blanket to sit on and a few other minor items.

We took a short walk to get there because the river was actually fairly close to where we were staying. Depending on where you are on the river, finding a location could be a  bit of a challenge. Some places are more packed than others. We had to search a little bit before we found our perfect spot. But, once we did, we started to unpack everything and relaxed.

Let the Fun Begin!

I once came across a sweet video on what to do during a picnic, so I wanted to surprise my girlfriend just a little bit. I put up a little game that I think she would really like and it goes as follows:

Each of us received a little canvas and a selection of watercolors to paint with. We then had to switch canvases after a short while – we agreed on every five minutes. But you can obviously set more or less time depending on your preference. The artwork was then continued by the other person until it was time to swap again. This continued until both of us decided that we are finished.

There were some really funny moments and also a lot of confusion as to what the other person intended to draw! It was a great yet simple thing to do to enjoy our time together. I would really recommend looking into stuff like that. A picnic doesn’t have to only be about eating food.

The rainbow picnic idea was also a fun touch and perfect for surprises. She got me my favorite blue drink, some snacks I loved, and she even managed to get some German snacks! We bought more sweets and snacks than healthy food but hey, now we have a stash of it for movie and gaming nights. It was way too much for one day only but it was a fun challenge!

The End of a Cozy Summer Day

Hot days usually are not my favorite days. It’s really hard doing a lot of things outside since the heat is difficult to tolerate. But, whenever the temperatures are a bit more forgiving I like to spend some time outside and enjoy the liveliness of the city.

Enjoy the summer as well as you can and don’t forget to stay hydrated!
Take care and stay healthy.

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