A One Day Itinerary in Yeongdeunpo District Seoul

Seoul is the biggest city in South Korea as it has 25 district. Hence, there are many districts to visit within the city. Through out my stay in Korea, I try to visit different district each time. What I appreciate about Seoul, is that each district has a touristic office where they suggest you things to do and places to visit. Therefore, today I want to recommend you places and things to do in Yeongdeungpo District. Yeongdeungpo is an administrative district in southwest Seoul. Even though it is an administrative district there are many touristic places you should visit.

Yeongdeungpo Office

Life is never boring in Seoul. But before starting your journey exploring Yeongdeungpo area make sure to first stop by @ydp_tourism where you can get all the information about all the must visit places. Yeongdeungp is famous for Medical tourism, there are many specialized hospitals in the area. Besides, you can try the newest medical equipments in the office which makes it a very well instructive experience.

IFC Mall

If you are a shopping enthusiast you should visit IFC Mall. It is a large, contemporary mall featuring many popular retailers, along with a food court & cinema. Literally you can spend the whole day there from the morning to the afternoon. Especially, as a foreigner I like the brands the mall has, such as Zara, Mango, Uniqlo, Massimo Dutti as well as many other stores.

Yeouido Hangang River

Last but not least everyones favorite places to have fun with your friends in Seoul, Han River! I went to Yeouido Hangang Park on many occasions with my friends during spring and summer. The places is just magical, it will automatically lift your mood.

Of course when you go to Yeouido Hangan park, you should order Chicken, well it actually taste better than you have it there rather than having it in a restaurants or at home. My favorite part about picnicking in Han river is playing games with my friends and doing fun bets. Besides, another activity you can enjoy with your friends is cycling. There are many places from where you can rant bicycles per hour and it is very affordable.

Eland Cruise

Another unforgettable experience I had was the Eland-cruise. After having all the delicious food and snacks we headed to the Eland-Cruise. ELAND Cruise is a Hangang River cruise where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Seoul in the most romantic way. You can buy a ticket in the front desk. It’s actually very affordable. The cruise last around 30 minutes, it was just beautiful. Specially if you catch the dazzling sunset. What a beautiful way to end the day right? I recommend you this cruise either you are with your friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend.

🇲🇦 Zineb El Fathi

Sharing my experience living in South Korea.