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A german village in the middle of Korea

Have you heard about a German village in Korea? Located in the southern side of Korea, to be more precise in Namhae Island. This lovely village on the hill makes you travel all the way to Germany with its cute houses.

About the German Village

The German village in Korea was built on the initiative of the German-Korean community in Germany. It has 34 charming residential buildings with white exteriors and orange roofs. Most of these buildings have a German name like “Heidelberg” or “Frankfurt”. 

In 2001, the Namhae Army provided infrastructure such as a water supply and electricity facilities for the site and connecting roads, and miners and nurses who lived in Germany personally purchased the site and began building German-style houses. Afterwards, it became known throughout the country through the mbc drama fantasy couple, and became a popular tourist destination through various broadcasts such as KBS”1 night and 2 days”. Currently, it is in the spotlight as the most popular touristic destination in Namhae island.

If you keep going uphill from the village entrance, you will have a breathtaking view of the azure sea of ​​Namhae and the colorful German village.

Who lives in the German village

You may be wondering who lives in that village? Is it Germans as the name states? Well, apparently around 50% of the residents are Koreans. When the village was built, the sale of real estate was prohibited for 10 years, thus it was limited to outsiders. Among the residents, you can find many miners and nurses that returned from Germany.

What to see in the German Village

Padok Exhibition center

To fully enjoy the German village, you can visit the Padok Exhibition Center.

In this place you can learn more about the history of the German village, how it was built and about its people.

You can walk around and learn more about the stories of the nurses and miners as well as their life in Germany.

The german Square

This square is located right in front of Padok Exhibition Hall, it promotes the German lifestyle and culture. A beer festival is held there every year in early October, just like the OKtober fest in Germany.

Observation deck

The opportunity for you to have a panoramic overview of the village. Located in the corner of Padok square, it has a view that overlooks the Namhae German Village. You can take your time here, enjoy the view and snap a memorable selfie.

Where to eat in the German village

 If you are hungry, you can stop by the restaurants in the village and have a taste of German cuisine. You can even taste sausages and German beer on site.

Where to stay at the German Village

If you really enjoyed your stay and feel like wanting to extend it, the village has plenty of guesthouses where you can stay.

Make sure to check out their website for all the housing options: Namhae German Village

How to get there

From Seoul Nambu Terminal or Dong Seoul Terminal, take an intercity bus to Namhae Intercity Bus Terminal. Take a Local Bus to Namhae-Mijo at Namhae Bus Terminal Bus Stop and get off at Naedongcheon Bus Stop. Walk along the road for 623 m toward the village.

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