A Day trip to Mangwon Area

I have visited many cities in Korea and one of my favorite cities in this country is Seoul. One of the reasons why I love this city is because you will always have something to visit, something to explore and enjoy. Today I will take you with me to an Area in Mapo-gu called Mangwon-dong.

Mangwon-dong is located near Hapjeong and Hongdae, unfortunately this area is not very famous among tourist and expats here in Seoul. Mangwon-dong has many cute new retro cafes to discover. And another plus, Han river is just a 5-10 minutes walk from the area!

Mangwon Hangang Park and Mangwonjeong

The first thing that I suggest you to visit in Mangwon-dong is the Hangang park. If you are a fan of water leisure activities such as water skiing, motorboats and windsurfing, then this is the place to go. If you are not a fan of water leisure activities and you just like to relax and watch the river then you can rent a mat and have some snacks and enjoy your picnic. In addition the park is also know for cycling, so you can also rent a bike or bring yours and enjoy the ride along the river.

Another thing that I find very beautiful and unique in this park is Mangwonjeong, you can take a photo with the river in the background while also capturing the beauty of Korean architecture.

Mangridan Road

After your trip to the park, you can take a walk in the main street of Mangridan road, where a lot of small cafes and cute stores are located all along the street. P.S: if you like stationaries then this might be heaven for you. I suggest you just take a walk in this street without having a specific place to visit in mind.

Jinenggyebal or Intelligence Development cafe.


This cafe is located near Mangridan road, and it is famous for its 90s arcade games. The places has been also shown in a famous Korean TV show (1 Night 2 days). When I saw it on the TV show I immediately put on my bucket list. The place is not only known for its arcade games but also the furniture. The tables and chairs are from old dynasties, which I personally find cute and original.

The cafe menu has many drinks, from coffee, tea to craft beer. Also if you want to play some arcade games you can just pay 500 won and take the coins from the cashier in the cafe and play with your friends.

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