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A day in Hannam: the newest hip area in Seoul

Hannam-dong, a district with a modern and sophisticated atmosphere, neighboring the famous Itaewon. Known for being the home of many K-pop artists and movie stars, Hannam-dong has a classy yet charming vibe. It is becoming a trendy neighborhood among locals with its cafes , restaurants and trendy shops.

What to do in Hannam

Hannam Sounds

Hannam sounds, more than a cultural space. You can find here different stores, a library and various dining options.

Still Books” is a bookstore created by JOH, the publisher of Korea’s famous B MAGAZINE. To my pleasure, I can find here all the English editions of the B Magazine.

You can take your time and wander around the different selection of books and the crafted goods displayed in the store.

Vinyl & Plastic By Hyundai Card

This place became a sensation on instagram.

Vinyl & Plastic provides all music lovers with some quality music environment to sit back and relax. This vinyl hub has over 3,000 vinyls, all ready to be played. Also, they have tons of different speakers and headphones ready for you. So, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music with the best listening gear. If you don’t own a record player, don’t worry. Its second floor also has over 16,000 CDs for you to tune into.

Where to eat in Hannam

How about Brunch?

Summer Lane

An Australian type of brunch in Korea, interesting huh?

They have various options, from waffles, sour doughs to salads. Everything that I have tasted so far was tasty~

They also have different deserts options such as banana bread, pavlova and brownies perfect to go with your coffee.

How about Korean food?

Hannam Bunsik

An ameliorated version of the famous korean snack Deokboki~

This restaurant has a various menu from korean food to revisited pasta and pizza. All this in a minimalistic and fancy kind of decor.

How about coffee

Cafe Oh lala

Traveling now to France for une pause cafe~

Cafe Ohalala has a cute french terrace vibe to it which makes it perfect to chill. I highly recommend to try their cakes~

One in a million

This cute café in the corner is indeed one in a million with its instagrammable pink wall.

The place has a cute terrace where you can relax and enjoy the weather. The interior is aesthetically pleasing and has a cozy vibe to it with all its flowers.

They also have many tempting deserts on display. The place also figured as a filming location for the drama ‘Do you like Brahms?’

Instagrammable wall

Finally, capture the moment with a picture next to this instagrammable wall by Happy Seoul Project 🙂

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