A Day in Geoje

Last day of the trip! Our 3D2N trip to ended in Geoje Island. See my previous post to know where I want on the day before. It’s my second time visiting Geoje island and it still makes me happy! The island is just very nice and has its own perks! If you haven’t seen my last two posts (Day 1 at Busan and Day 2 at Teongyeong), check them out to get the full itinerary of the trip. As usual, if you want to watch my stories that has many details of the trip, feel free to check it out at my Instagram (@tizzyy).

Okay, today’s itinerary:

1. Hakdong Mongdol Beach

Woke up in our pension at Hakdong Mongdol Beach to this view. Yes, this is our beach ‘backyard’ view of the pension! Can you believe that? After having breakfast, we had some free time to enjoy the sand-less beach. Of course you can swim a bit, but according to my friends who swam there, your feet might hurt a bit from walking barefeet on the stones. So I guess, beach shoes are recommended? Haha..

No sand means no sandy butts. Lol!

Our hotel name is Keunsol Pension or Keunsol Ocean View Motel. You can follow this Google Map link:

Keunsol Pension: Gyeongsangnam-do, Geoje-si, Dongbu-myeon, Hakdong 6-gil, 40 KR 큰솔펜션

2. Windy Hill

Our first destination for the day was Windy Hill, where the hill was super windy! The main attraction there is a windmill. The windmill looks so pretty that it resembles the ones at Holland. When I arrived the first time last year, I felt like I was not in Korea, and this time I still did! Hehe..

Although, I must warn you. Going to the location of the windmill is quite a work, since you have to walk from the main road or parking space, literally over a hill and then go down again to find the windmill. But don’t worry, it will all be worth it at the end!

Follow this location point on Google Map to find the windmill at Windy Hill:

Windy Hill: Nambu-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

3. Lunch with a view

After taking a sweet time enjoying the nature at Windy Hill, we took a short ride to nearby location to get some lunch. The restaurant name is Cafe Guana, and it has such a nice view and nice restaurant atmosphere too. Sadly, our bus couldn’t fit the small road heading to the restaurant, so we had to walk quite far towards the restaurant. However, the view along the way was so nice that I’m not even mad about walking!

Here’s the location of Cafe Guana. I really recommend this place as the food is good and the location surroundings are so nice!

구아나아일랜드리조트: 52 Sibang 2-gil, Jangmok-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

4. Maemi Castle

Our last attraction destination of the day is Maemi Castle, which was super unique! Why? Because this is a castle built by a farmer single-handedly. Yup, I was not exaggerating, he literally built this sea-side castle with his own two hands.. no other!

This place is really worth the visit, not only because it is very instagram-able, but also along the way to the location, you will pass many great cafes to hangout at. You might want to relax at a cafe after exploring the castle.

Follow this Google Map link to find the location of Maemi Castle:

Maemiseong: Bokhang-gil, Jangmok-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

I took soooo many pictures at this spot since I’ve been queueing for this for so long. However, this is not the only good spot for picture. In my opinion, the whole castle is a good spot for pictures! And oh, in the summer, there’s a wild-flower field at the back, top side of the castle. I loved taking pictures in a flower field so I took a bunch there too. However, I won’t be posting my photo results there as you have to wait for it’s premier on my Instagram feed! hehe.. so don’t forget to follow me there (@tizzyy)

After this spot, we hung out a bit at a random cafe to wait for the sudden rain to stop. And then head straight back on a one-hour private bus ride to Busan station to take KTX back to Seoul. It really was a memorable trip with my Wowkorea family. 

Hope you enjoy my blog series on an itinerary of 3D2N in BusanTeongyeong-Geoje! Stay tuned for more blog posts of me exploring Korea.