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A Day Alongside Hangang River

On a fine day in October, I have decided to spend the whole day alongside the Hangang River. The weather was not too cold, sunlight not too harsh, perfect weather to have a picnic outside. Most of the time I end up going to Yeouido Hangang Park to have a picnic. So that time I had decided to go somewhere else. The place I decided to go first was Icheon Hangang Park.

Ichon Hangang Park

The park is situated between Wonhyo Bridge and Jungrangcheon Bridge. The place is not as crowded as Yeouido Hangang Park. So it is a perfect place to spend some quality quiet time. If you are interested in recreational activities, this might be the spot you are looking for. The park has a basketball court, badminton court, and some other sports facilities. The park is also famous for its inline skating center. Various competitions take place here. Also, some arts are installed here.

You can bring your mat or tent to put it here. It is definitely a recommended place to have picnic.

I was not looking for doing any sports activities that day. So I decided to find a quiet place to sit down. I found a bench below a tree. I spend some time there looking at the calm river and reading my book. The view here is spectacular. One side you can the bridge, on the other side 63rd building and Nodeul Island.  After spending some time there I moved towards the Donjak Bridge which leads to a cafe.

Reaching There- Take Subway Line 4 or Gyeongui-Jungang Line and get down at Ichon station. Come out of exit 4. It takes around 10 minutes from the subway station.

Address: 62, Ichon-ro 72-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Dongjak Bridge

BTS fans might know this place. It is the bridge where one of BTS member’s photoshoot was done for Love Yourself Teaser. Myself, a BTS fan, decided to walk through the bridge. Not many people pass through this bridge. So it might turn out to be a good place to take photos. The subway line also passes through the middle of the road, which makes it an interesting place to click photos. Also, the view of the river and park looks stunning from here.

This place has also been various dramas shooting locations. Some of the famous drama which scenes were shot here are Her Private Life, When My Love Blooms, When the Devil Calls Your Name, Boys over flowers, and many more. If you are a Korean drama fan and have watched of this, why don’t you head to the bridge when you are in the neighborhood?

On the one end of the Dongjak Bridge, two famous e-mart cafes are situated. One is Noeul cafe and another one is Nodeul Cafe. I had decided to check out Noeul cafe.

Getting there: Take subway line 4 or line 9. Get down at Dongjak station.
Address: 385 Ichon 1(il)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Noeul Cafe

Noeul cafe is situated from 3rd to 5th floor at one end of the Dongjak Bridge. The cafe is famous for its beautiful sunset hours. It also offers a view of the Namsan Tower and Dongjak Bridge.

I spent some time there looking at the sunset and changing colors of the sky while sipping on my coffee. Despite it being a weekday, there were many people at the cafe. The third floor of the cafe has some books as well. You can spend time reading a book there and in between admiring the beauty of the Hangang River.

You can order your coffee on the 3rd floor and sit anywhere you like. Since it is an E-mart cafe, the coffee is not much expensive. Also, you can find various snacks here. If it is not too cold I recommend you take your coffee and sit on the rooftop (open floor). The view from here is the best.

On the downside, the cafe does not have any washroom inside. But you don’t have to worry about that. When you come downstairs out of the cafe, there is a public washroom situated in the park.

Reaching here: Take subway line 4 or line 9. Get down at Dongjak station.
Address: 335, Dongjak-daero, Dongjak-gu, Seoul

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