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A Cat Lady’s Paradise in Seoul: Cat Garden

Do you love cats? If you are, get ready to fall head over heels for this cat lovers’ paradise located in Seoul! As a cat lover myself, I couldn’t help but become addicted to this cat cafe. Cat garden is surely one of the largest cat cafes in the world, with over 100 cats, you’re sure to find your new BFF (Best Fluffy Friend)!

Cat Garden Guidelines

When you first enter the cafe, you will be given a set of guidelines. For the cat’s safety, they tell everyone who enters the cafe that they shouldn’t shout or pick up the cats. 

Additionally, some cats have brightly colored collars. These cats are shy, and don’t enjoy being pet, so customers are forbidden from approaching these cats. Moreover, the cafe provides bottled drinks rather than tea or coffee and open food so that the cats don’t consume them.

As a result of these guidelines, I felt that this cafe really cares for their cats and places a lot of importance on both the animals’ and their customers’ safety.

Seating at Cat Garden

Now, for the seating at Cat Garden, you have 3 options. You can sit inside at the inside tables, outside tables, and lastly, at the picnic area. My favorite is the picnic area. There, you can find a bunch of cardboard boxes the cats love to play inside of. It is so cute!

The cafe also provides blankets. It protects your clothes from kitty claws and cat fur. Plus, the cats seem to prefer it. During your stay, cats will come and go. However, the staff knows which cats are the cuddliest and will bring you a snuggle buddy whenever your lap is empty.

My favorite thing about the cafe is feeding time. It is hilarious! The staff rings a bell, and suddenly all the furry residents of Cat Garden charge towards their bowls. They are so cute!

Best Time to Go

When you arrive at Cat Garden, you are only allowed to stay for two hours. This is because too many customers can overwhelm the cats.

However, even with the two-hour limit, Cat Garden is really crowded on weekends. And so, if it is possible, I would suggest that you go on a weekday. Wherever you go, you will surely love this cat lady’s paradise.

Cat Garden

Address: 19-5 Wausan-ro 17-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Directions: From Gaehwasan Station (Line 5) Exit 2, cross the street and turn left. After rounding the corner, turn left on the second street. Turn left at the dead end, the cafe will be located on your right.

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