943 King’s Cross – Harry Potter Cafe

If you are a Potter-head coming to Seoul, 943 King’s Cross is a must on your to-do list! The harry potter cafe is located in Hongdae, nearby exit 9 of Hongik station. This themed cafe is perfect for those who enjoy thematic cafe with a full submersion experience.

Harry Potter Cafe

It’s a short walk from the subway to the cafe, and it’s possible to spot the cafe half a block before arriving. It’s a huge 6-story building. Right at the front door, you can see how careful they were at picking the decoration for the cafe. There are broomsticks with correspondent colors to Hogwarts Houses, for example. And the whole building aesthetic has a London vibe that will make you feel really immersed into the Harry Potter universe! You can also see a folder explaining what they have on each floor, while the movie’s soundtrack is playing on the back. The whole building from B1F to the 4F floor are open to visitors.

The movie’s soundtrack plays ongoing on all floors which helps to build the immersive atmosphere of the cafe. Don’t get me wrong though. When I say immersive, I mean that this cafe could easily be a cafe from the harry potter universe itself. The decoration has a lot of references, especially from the description of the taverns in the books.

How to Use the Cafe

The entrance is free, but as like most cafes, you need to consume something to stay inside for a little longer. Prices start at 5,000 won and there are lots of thematic beverages and cakes including the famous “hapee birthdae” cake that Hagrid baked for Harry on the first movie/book. The cakes have a plain taste that matches well with pretty much all of the beverages with coffee. Overall, the taste of the food is similar to what you can find at other Korean cafes, but the presentation of the menu is where lies the difference between this Harry Potter cafes and the others.

Each Floor, Each Theme

You can choose any of the floors between B1F and 4F, and each floor has a different kind of atmosphere. Personally, I would recommend 4F (the Wizard dormitory): there they have bed alike tables and cozy decoration. But the most interesting thing is that you can actually try robes from every house and take pictures in the mirror. They also have a sorting hat, wands, and scarves for you to have fun either alone or with friends. This floor feels just like a Hogwarts dormitory during winter, with a Christmas tree with presents underneath and everything.

If you are more into the dark side of this magical universe, you can go to floor B1 (Wizard Hut). This floor kinda mimics the Hoog’s Head, and you will be able to spot a lot of book references – if you’re one of those who enjoy well-thought details this is totally your floor to go.

This cafe also sells some Harry Potter-related goodies, such as postcards, seals and pens (mostly stationary), and the prices aren’t that high. It’s a great place to enjoy a good time with friends and also take a lot of pictures. If you’re passionate about the Harry Potter universe, this place is a must!

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🇧🇷 Virginia Lazzari DAvila

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