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7 Reasons Why I Love Being a Foreigner in Korea

Korea is one of the most accomplished countries in the world right now. Life in  Korea is full of leisure and people of all ages live a healthy and active life. If you want to know about daily life in Korea and how good it is, then luckily you are on the right platform. I’ll discuss my personal experiences and all about why I love living in Korea. So, this is why I, as a Pakistani love living in Korea.

Housing and Infrastructure 

Personally, I really like living in Korea due to its amazing infrastructure. Korean cities are designed in a way that facilitates are equally accessible to all residents. Hence, all basic necessities are almost always available within 5 minutes’ walking distance. Banks, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores – everything is so accessible.

Plus, it is extremely easy to travel from one neighborhood to another and throughout the country. Subways, busses are trains are affordable, clean, and convenient. You really have the freedom to travel where you want when you want.


I have met hundreds of Koreans since moving to Korea. My personal observation is that the Korean people have a certain genuine warmth once they get to know you. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend weddings, meet families, and go on trips with locals.

So, I have deduced from my observations that Koreans are really friendly and generous. They always treat me with love and I get a feeling of being part of the family. One of my Korean friends even let me stay with him for free for almost 3 months when I was in need. This reflects their affection for the people irrespective of nationality and this is what I love the most about Koreans.

Food Culture

Being a foodie, I really prefer living in a country that has a rich food culture. There is an old saying that goes, “everything begins with a meal”. Even after spending years in Korea, I’m still discovering Korean cuisine that tastes completely new and different from what I am used to. Every time you visit a restaurant in Korea, they will always have a unique way to impress you. 


One of the many reasons why I continue to live in Korea is the number of opportunities. I graduated from university in Korea and I have grasped each opportunity that has come my way since then. Korea has really helped me to build my professional career in a way that wouldn’t have been possible in my home country.

You won’t spend a day jobless in Korea if you are an educated or skilled worker. Because of work-life in Korea, I can enjoy a rich professional life as well as luxurious social life. 

Quality of life 

I have really liked the quality of life here in Korea. Korean society is really focused on convenience. As a result, everything is made easy. Online shopping, delivery, even trips to the immigration office are done extremely efficiently and free up more time for me to do the things I love.

Recently, one of the things I love is visiting different historical places in Korea. I was surprised to see the richness of this country in terms of its culture and values. Some of the historical and cultural places I enjoyed the most are listed below : 

  1. The Haedong Yonggungsa Temple ( Busan) 
  2. Gyeongju – the museum without walls 
  3. The DMZ 
  4. Jongmyo Shrine (Seoul) 

Another great thing about Korean culture is how much they emphasize education. The Korean government itself offers scholarships to foreign and local students.

Gender Equality and Human Values

Gender equality is another reason that I really love living in Korea. The country treats all the people equally and there is no separate legal system for males and females like there is in my home country of Pakistan.

I feel living in Korea that the local government makes policies that help everyone. They don’t only think of certain classes, nationalities, and genders when pursuing prosperity. There is a lot of respect for human rights and just generally for the differences between people.

Health Care and Safety 

Being in Korea I have never felt unsafe. Even as a foreigner, I have never felt threatened. The Korean law enforcement institutions always do their best to ensure the safety of their people. They always take steps to protect the privacy and life of the people living in the country. I have always found authorities to be very helpful and cooperative when I have any problems.

Additionally, health care is affordable and easy to access all the time. I have always found myself lucky to be living in a country that has that much to offer!

🇵🇰 Majid Mushtaq

Majid Mushtaq is a passionate content creation wizard, Youtuber, traveler, and selfie-fanatic. He is currently living in Seoul and after being bitten by the travel bug, he has been to 25 countries. He loves writing about cultures, technology, food and more food. Gracias :)