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6 Self-Rewarding Things to Do in Seongsu – The Brooklyn of Seoul

On a one fine day, a Korean lady asked me where is my favorite place in Seoul and I couldn’t think of any other answer aside from the areas of Mangwon and Seongsu. Admittedly, it is also because the entertainment agencies of my favorite Kpop groups are located in those areas. But more than that, they each have unique characteristics that makes me feel at ease whenever I visit these places. Particularly in the neighborhood of Seongsu, there are a lot of self-rewarding things that you could do after a long day of work. These places are just few walking distance from each other.

1. Shop and Dine at Under Stand Avenue While Supporting Start-Up Businesses

Are you a fan of the Kdrama “Start-Up”? Support real-life start-up businesses when you shop and dine at Under Stand Avenue. It is an outdoor mall and creative public cultural space. It is built from cargo containers which house the several start-up businesses’ stores. According to its website, it is an innovative start-up and founding platform that combines Shinhan Bank’s digital infrastructure to nurture and realize the dreams of young entrepreneurs. They provide a one-stop integrated solution from startup training to market testing, financial and investment support. They also help businesses in sales distribution and manpower needs. It is a space where young people work together for a better community by supporting each other. To know more about Under Stand Avenue, click here.


63 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

How to get there

Ride a subway then get off at Seoul Forest Station [서울숲역], Bundang Line or Yellow Line. Find your way out to Exit 3. From Exit 3, just walk about a minute in the opposite direction of Seoul Forest.

2. Relax and Chill at Seoul Forest

After self-rewarding shopping and dining at Under Stand Avenue, visit the park just across the street – the Seoul Forest. Seoul Forest [서울숲] is a royal hunting ground for kings and served as a military inspection facility in the past. It also served as Seoul’s first water purification plant in 1908. This place that is located in the neighborhood of Seongsu became a public park in 2005. It has a massive space and is the third largest park in Seoul today. This is a perfect place to take photos in spring and fall season. For more details, click here.


273, Ttukseom-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

How to get there
  • By Subway: Get off at Seoul Forest Station (Bundang Line), Exit 3.Walk for 5 min to Seoul Forest.
  • By Bus: Ride any of the following bus with nos: (Blue Bus) 141, 145, 148, 410; (Green Bus) 2014, 2412, 2413, 2224, and get off at Seoul Forest station

3. Buy A Good Pair of Shoes at Seongsu Handmade Shoes Street

Reward yourself after a long day of work or study by buying a good pair of shoes at Seongsu Handmade Shoes Street. Seogsu Handmade Shoes Street (성수동 구두거리) is the largest domestic handmade shoe production area in Korea. This is where 70% of the domestic handmade manufacturers are located. The street is filled with studios where you can buy ready-made shoes and even make your own unique handmade shoes. The shoes on sale are cheaper because they are directly sold from the manufacturer. Read more about it here.


04793 Seongsudong 2 Ga Seongdonggu Seoul 

How to get there
  • Ride Seoul subway and get off at Seongsu Station (Line 2).
  • SSST is located at Exit 1. While you can find more shops at Exit 3 and 4.

4. Visit Cube Entertainment and Get a Chance to Meet Kpop Idols

What is even more rewarding to Kpop fans than to see their Kpop bias? If you are a fan of Kpop idols such as BTOB, Pentagon, (G)I-DLE, CLC, Seonho and other Cube artists, make sure to visit their building at Seongsu. It is just few minute-walks from the Handmade Shoes Street. You might even have a chance to bump into them while ordering your coffee just like what happened to me. For more information and tips, click here.


83 Achasan-ro, Seongsu-dong 2(i)-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

How to get there

From Seongsu station Exit 1, walk straight for about 2 minutes and you will see Cube’s building on your right. Within that 2-minute walk, there’s a mini crossing with pedestrian lane right before your arrive at your destination. But make sure to just walk straight.

5. Have a Cup of Coffee at (Super Junior) Donghae’s Haru & One Day

There are a lot of chic and trendy coffee shops in Seongsu but a must-visit s the café owned by Super Junior’s Donghae and his brother – the Haru & One Day. Aside from its variety of coffee and other beverages, it also offers delicious pastries. It is a cozy place perfect to reward yourself while sipping your coffee. Moreover, Donghae often visits this coffee shop too and interact with the customers.


92, Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (Seongsu-dong 2-ga, Gwangmyeong Tower)

How to get there

Subway Line 2, Seongsu Station, Exit 4

6. Enjoy a Stunning View of Han River

To wrap up your self-rewarding day, head to see a stunning view of the Han River. From Seongsu station, you can take a walk all the way to the Ttukseom Han River Park (뚝섬한강공원) which takes about 30 minutes on foot. But you can also take a train and get off at Ttukseom station. Some people usually use bicycle to go there from Seongsu. This park has various amenities such as music fountains, a riverside square, a rose garden, playground, and a nature learning center. There is also a flea market every Saturday.


139, Gangbyeonbuk-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

How to get there
  • By Subway: Ttukseom Resort Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 2 or 3.
  • By Bus: Take Bus No. 2014 and get off at Noyu Nadeulmok Bus Stop. Or take Bus No. 2221, 2222, 2223 or 2415 , and get off at Jayang Yukgammun Bus Stop.

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