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6 FREE Ways to See Kpop Idols in Korea – A Guide for Foreigners

If you are an overseas Kpop fan who wishes to see Kpop idols in Korea for FREE, then this article for you!

1. Attend Kpop Music Shows

One way to see Kpop idols in Korea for FREE is to attend Kpop music shows. Music programs invite different Kpop groups to perform their latest songs which are broadcast on television and online platforms. You just need to comply with the requirements to get a chance to attend music shows. The requirements differ per show and per groups who are recording.

However, for foreigners, especially those who don’t understand Korean language, getting into music shows is quite difficult. For more detailed guide on how to attend Kpop Music Shows in Korea, click here.

2. Visit their Entertainment Agency

Meeting Kpop idols in person may not be easy to achieve but at least, being in the same building as them gives a sweet feeling of fulfillment. In my case, I’ve had successful encounters with my favorite Kpop groups such as BTOB, Pentagon, (G)-Idle and other Cube artists whenever I go to Cube Entertainment. For a more detailed guide on how to go to Cube, click here.

You can also visit MW Entertainment (B1A4, ONF, Oh My Girl) and YG Entertainment (BLACKPINK, iKON, WINNER, etc.) in one day when you go on a tour in the neighborhood of Mangwon. Click here for more details.

3. Watch Viewable Radio Shows

Going to Korea does not guarantee that you will have a chance to meet your favorite Kpop artists. It is not like you can bump into them on the streets or can easily see them walking outside their respective agency buildings. But another free way to make it possible to see Kpop idols in Korea is to watch viewable radio shows.

Two of the largest networks in Korea, MBC and KBS, have radio programs where audience can watch it live while airing. For a more detailed guide in watching open radio shows in Korea, click here.

4. Attend Free Concerts and Busking

Even though attending concerts in Korea is relatively cheaper than when you attend it in your country, sometimes you might still find it an additional cost when traveling. But one of the perks of coming to Korea is to have the opportunity of attending concerts for FREE! Most of these free concerts happen in campus festivals or events that are open to public. In some of the free concerts that I’ve been too, I was able to see BTOB, TWICE, Red Velvet, Seventeen, CLC, NCT Dream, and many more.

BTOB Hyunsik Busking at Coex

I was also able to watch a mini concert of my bias in BTOB during his surprise busking in Seoul. He said he did it for the fans who were not able to attend his paid concert due to limited number of seats. For a complete guide in attending concerts in Korea, click here.

5. Meet Them After Musical Performance

If your favorite Kpop idol happens to be a musical actor too, then there’s another free way to see him in Korea. Depending on the musical venue and his management, sometimes they allow fans to interact with after a musical performance. If you are lucky, you can even talk to them and even give gifts and letters. My first super close-up interaction with my ultimate Kpop bias was after watching his musical performance in Seoul. Since then, I see to it that I get to watch the musical of my other favorite Kpop artists whenever possible. For a complete guide in watching musicals in Korea, click here.

b1a4 sandeul after his musical “something about thirty”

6. See Kpop Idols at the Airport

Lastly, you can see Kpop idols for free at the airport whenever they have schedule overseas. As a fan, you might be aware whenever they have schedule outside of Korea which means that they will have to go to the airport. The most common ones that they use for transit are Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport. Of course, in doing this, remember to respect their personal space and just try to see them from afar especially if they look uncomfortable being followed.

I hope these tips will help you in meeting your favorite Kpop idols in Korea. But if you have extra budget and want to go all the way, you can also try joining Fan Sign Events.

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