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5 Reasons to Live in Korea’s Countryside

There are indeed many reasons on why to live in Korea’s countryside, however, we will tell you the 5 you need to hear to give it a try.

If you want to switch from having a busy life to a relaxing one, living in a rural city is your best option. Because you will be in nature more than in crowded streets.

With that in mind, get your luggages ready! Because you might want to move out after hearing all the other advantages you will have.

Better than Expected

Living in countryside is not as terrible as many people make it seem. It actually has many advantages. For example, you can have a calm paced life. Which is pretty difficult to have in crowded cities. Plus every day feels like a new adventure! And with our 5 reasons on why to live in Korea’s countryside you will prove it by your own.


5 Reasons to Live in Korea’s Countryside

Cheaper Lifestyle

Living in a rural city is indeed cheaper.

The cost of the groceries, housing costs, restaurant food and even transportation, is much more low-priced than in a big city. So, it is quite inexpensive to live there, and the perfect place to choose if you are in a budget.

As for example, the cost of pizza in my city is only ₩5000, while in a big city like Seoul, is above ₩20000.

Besides, you have less temptation to waste your money due to the lack of well-known stores. For example, there is no emart nor famous big marts in some rural cities. Because of this, you do not have other option but to buy in local markets. Which are cheaper and only offer the basics. Also, in some cities there are not even shopping malls. Therefore, your wallet is safe.

Less Crowded

There is nothing more satisfying than taking an empty bus.

The ride feels relaxing due to the fact that you have a seat for yourself, to simply sit and look out the window while hearing music. Without any worry of missing your bus stop.

While in busy cities, you might be either standing up or trapped in a bunch of people.

What I like the most, is that when you arrive at your stop, you do not to have to stand up in advance. The driver usually waits for you to go out at your pace. Pretty different from cities like Seoul, where you need to stand up a stop before yours, or you might miss the chance to get out.

In general, you wont see much people in the streets. No big lines anywhere, a lot of space for yourself.

Might not be the case of every city though, but what I can assure you, is that it is less crowded than the big cities.

Less Pollution

Every day you are able to breath fresh air. Therefore, it is the perfect place to live if you are not used to live in cities with high pollution.

It for sure feels great to be able to stroll without having to wear a mask. And without receiving a bunch of SMS notifications warning about the air quality.

I suppose that it is the nature what helps to maintain the air clean. Because in countryside, you see more green areas than buildings.

Breathtaking Views

Because it is rural, you are more exposed to nature than anything else. Which leads you to see the most beautiful views, that you could never see in a city filled of buildings.

Waking up and looking out the window hits different when you live in countryside. Because the first thing you see, is a stunning landscape before your eyes.

To make it better, you are able to hear all the calming noises from the trees and plants. Much better than waking up to the noises of cars speeding.

It always feel like an adventure to go out. Because of the amount of scenarios that you can witness.

Best for Language Learners

It is the best place to live if you are learning korean.

Because not much people speak English. Therefore, you force your brain to switch into survival mode.

It might be stressing at the beginning to be unable to communicate properly due to the lack of korean skills. But do not worry! The people from rural cities tend to be more patient and comprehensive than anyone else. Therefore, most of them will patiently wait for you to finish your sentences.

Every day feels like a new challenge though. Because you do not know if you will be able to speak it or not.

It is worth to mention, than even in the banks they do not speak english. Which is to be expected, but had to clarify since a lot of foreigners anticipate that they do.

Now knowing this, it is time to polish your skills!


We hope that these 5 Reasons to Live in Korea’s Countryside help you out in deciding if you want to live here or not. But what I can assure you, is that it will be far from being a mistake.

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Fernanda is an integral designer and korean language student. Who wants to share about her travel experiences and korean history.