5 Korean Ice Cream Bars to Fight the Summer Heat

Summer in Korea can be really hot, especially if you live in humid zones like Jeju, Daegu, or Busan. But luckily there are ice cream stores almost everywhere. An ice-cold sweet treat is one of the best ways to fight the hot weather! I am a big fan of ice cream and I love trying new flavors. After trying so many Korean ice creams, here are my top 5 favorites!


Creamy Fruit Milk Korean Ice Cream

This is classic Korean ice cream and I do like it.  I would never have thought of trying melon as an ice cream flavor before.  Yet it is not the melon flavor part of my top five instead, it is the coconut flavor.

Coconut Melona reminds me of the summer snacks back home. It also gives me beach vibes that are perfect for summer. Melona also offers mango, banana, strawberry, and more flavors to choose from, yet the most famous is the melon one. This creamy bar will surely cool you down!

Piggy Bar: 돼지바

Vanilla Ice Cream with a Strawberry Filling and Crunchy Outside

The perfect combination of vanilla ice cream and fruity jam filling covered in chocolate and pieces of crunchy cookies!

This crunchy bar has been stealing people’s hearts since 1983 and I hope it will continue doing so. It is the perfect dessert for those who want an explosion of flavors and textures. If you’re more used to classic ice cream flavors, you really can’t go wrong with this Korean ice cream bar.

Milkis Tube: 밀키스 튜브

Milk Soda Korean Ice Cream

If you live in Korea you have seen this drink at convenience stores and machines before. It’s one of the most popular Korean sodas. But now, it is also ice cream!

We are talking about Milkis, a Korean soft drink. Milkis is a carbonated milk drink that gives this fresh and cool feeling when drinking it. I must say, this is definitely my favorite, I am biased towards yogurt flavor.  If you like Milkis‘s flavor without the carbonation, the ice cream version is just for you. This ice cream tube is the perfect dessert for a picnic day! 

Chubby Injeolmi: 인절미 통통

Soybean Chocolate Shell with Creamy Icecream and Rice Cake Filling

Just thinking about this one makes me want to go out and buy it right now! This Injeolmi bar has pieces of tteok (rice cakes) inside of it, and it is just perfect in every way.

This bar is based on the traditional Korean dessert Injeommi rice cake, which has soybean powder coating the outside of the chewy cakes. Now imagine that as ice cream and Ta-da! You have this wonderful bar, traditional yet modern treat!

Wild Body: 와일드 바디

Korean Ice Cream Bar with Coffee Ice Cream and Hard Chocolate Swirls

Now, we know Korean people love ice americano, to the point you can see it everywhere. But what about coffee ice cream? And I am not talking about affogato, I am referring to Wild Body!

While it is not ice americano, it is a mocha creamy ice cream bar adorned with some chocolate. Perfect for staying awake and cool during hot summer days! 

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