5 Korean Dramas on Netflix to Watch in 2022

Are you already a fan of K-Drama or have you only just discovered it? Whether you’re a devoted fan or not, this is the Korean Dramas 2022 list for you. Since Squid Game (2021) exploded in global popularity, many people who once knew nothing about Korea are finding themselves interested in K-Drama and Film. So, what is on the cards for 2022? Let’s take a look at the 5 Korean Dramas on Netflix to Watch in 2022!

Hellbound (지옥)

Episodes Released: 6/6
Average Running Time (per episode): 52m
Cast: Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jeong-min

The story is set in the not-too-distant future, between the years 2022-27. Daily life seems normal, until ghostly demons appear and burn individuals alive, banishing them to hell. Their victims are warned that they will die on a specific day and time, when the angels will come for them.

Out of all the K-Dramas on Netflix, this one might be the spookiest. Moreover, the hulking supernatural monsters show no mercy as they brutally tear apart their victims, burn their souls to hell, leaving nothing but ash in their wake. Meanwhile, a cultish organization gains power through use of public fear of the demons and a fringe anarchist group makes light of the killings. Additionally, token ‘good guys’, a police man and a young lawyer, investigate the mysterious events further, finding corruption at the core.

Personally, I enjoyed this drama because the story stretches to the limits of reality with supernatural elements. Furthermore, all the actors perform well.

Supernatural creatures amidst the painfully realist mixture of religious organizations, corruption and fear of mortality. The horror and mystery will make it impossible to stop watching…

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The Silent Sea (고요의 바다)

Episodes Released: 8/8
Average Running Time (per episode): 45m
Cast: Gong Yoo, Bae Doo-na, Kim Sun-young

The Silent Sea is another interesting Korean drama with a unique concept. However, this time it is space travel and sci-fi, as opposed to supernatural beings. But then, that depends on whether you believe aliens exist…

The story follows the crew of a space shuttle who have been sent to the Moon to procure a sample of a mysterious substance. Set in a dystopian world, a global drought sees water become more important than money on planet Earth.

I was skeptical about this series at first, as I am not a fan of sci-fi, but of course I gave it a try because Gong Yoo was in it. It ended up being a really great watch! Somehow the show manages to keep the tension high throughout all 8 episodes.

Sweet Home (스위트홈)

Episodes Released: 10/10
Average Running Time (per episode): 51m
Cast: Song Kang, Go Min-si, Lee Jin-wook

This Korean horror series reached the Netflix Top 3 rankings in Dec 2020. If you’ve seen Train to Busan (2016) then you’ll know that Koreans are talented at making zombie flicks. Sweet Home follows a group of survivor during a virus outbreak that transforms people into zombies and monsters. It is a quirky horror-comedy that distils the motif of the crusading hero, with a group of introverted misfits.

Moreover, what’s even funnier is that the people don’t just become normal zombies, but can mutate further into horrifying zombies.

This series is actually a live-action remake of the famous Korean webtoon of the same name, first published on Naver in 2017. Interested in reading webtoons? Check out my upcoming article!

Beyond Evil (괴물)

Episodes Released: 10/10
Average Running Time (per episode): 65m
Cast: Shin Ha-kyun, Yeo Jin-goo, Choi Dae-hoon

Beyond Evil is not an original Netflix creation, as it was first aired on JTBC in early 2021. However, the thriller was recently made available on the streaming service. Less monsters, but still plenty of cold blooded killers.

The series focuses on policemen’s pursuit of a serial killer in the small, unassuming village of Manyang. The dynamic between the two central characters makes for great entertainment, with or without a serial killer on the loose. While both policemen, they have completely contrasting characters and moral values.

The greatest thing about this drama is the hook and mystery. Everytime you think you’ve nailed the killer, the next episode proves you wrong.

“Who is the Monster?”

Extra Curricular (인간수업)

Episodes Released: 10/10
Average Running Time (per episode): 55m
Cast: Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Park Ju-hyun

Another contender for the darkest of the Korean dramas on Netflix, Extracurricular follows a high school student, entangled in a web of crime. This Netflix original, directed by Kim Jin-min, hits home the vulnerability of children from broken homes. As a young boy, the protagonist, Oh Ji-soo, was abandoned by his mother, forced to live with his unreliable gambling addict of a father.

As a top student craving a better future than his past, Ji-soo resorts to crime in order to pay his school fees and safeguard his chance to attend university. However, his illegal activities are soon in jeopardy, as he befriends fellow student Bae Gyu-ri, who comes from a wealthy family.

What makes Extracurricular feel so dark is that it feels so realistic. The drama has a strong impact on its viewers, perhaps even more so than the aforementioned series filled with monsters and ghouls. Therefore, make sure you’re in the right frame of mind to watch it.

I hope that the article got you excited for these amazing Korean dramas on Netflix that you can watch in 2022! Have you seen some of them already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Or, share this article with your friends and see what they think!

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