4 Season Pension in Gongju(계룡산사계절펜션)

Enjoy some of the beautiful landscapes of South Korea in 4 Season Kyeryongsan Pension(계룡산사계절펜션), located in Gongju!

This pension is for sure, one of the best you could ever find to have a vacation. Because not only it is pretty because of nature, but also they offer everything you need to have the best experience.

Now get your luggage ready! Since you might want to immediatly go once you learn more about this place.

4 Season Pension

Get a perfect getaway surrounded by nature

As it names give the hint, in this pension you can experience the four seasons of South Korea while being in nature. With this in mind, this place is the perfect getaway to relax!

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How does it look like?

By being in countryside, you will firstly be greeted by the gorgeous scenery of nature.

In this place you can either do camping or stay in a room. Even if there are a lot of rooms, they get fastly reserved. Because of this, you must book in advance.

For cat lovers, this place might be the paradise. The reason is that there are many cats living here, thanks to the owners’ kindness, who often save stray cats.

As seen in the video, they constructed a house especially for them, which you can visit if you are curious to see them.

There are many walking trails. Therefore, you wont ever get bored in this place. There is always a new one awaiting to be found.


They have a youtube channel in which you can directly see by yourself, how beautiful this place is! You can see a walkthrough here:


Camping area

Nothing better than do camping with a beautiful view before your eyes.

Since the main attraction of this pension is camping, they have an area for this. You can comfortably camp in front of the lake, or near to the rooms.

Also, there is an area for those who want to stay overnight in a caravan instead.

It is worth to mention that the camping areas are divided by numbers. Therefore, you do not need to get worry about other people’s tent taking up your place, since you will have your spot secure.

Parking lot

There is a parking lot in front of the camping area. Which it is big enough for all cars to fit in.

Room amenities

The room feels so luxurious that you wont even want to ever leave!

Even the size of the basic room is big enough to fit several people. Because of this, we can assure you that is more convenient than staying at a hotel.

Plus it has everything you would need to have some great vacation! For example, a big LED TV with cable service. Then, you will be able to watch movies and TV shows while laying out comfortably in the couch.

Not to mention that it has a kitchen, in which you can find cooking utensils, plates, cups and even a rice cooker!

As for where you sleep, they give you a big floor mattress with a soft bed sheet and some pillows. But do not worry about it being uncomfortable, because it is the absolutely the contrary. The reason is that the padding of the mattress is enough to make you forget that you are actually sleeping in the floor.

© 계룡산사계절펜션

But what I like the most about this place is that it does not matter whether you visit during hot or cold weather, because it is equipped with an a/c, so as floor heating system.

It is worth to mention that the bathroom is big. In addition, there is hot water.

Swimming Pool and BBQ Area

Get ready to have your perfect BBQ day! Since not only there are parrilla grills for all customers, but also a swimming pool to make you feel just like in a backyard party.

Plus there are some wood tables in front of it.

It is worth to mention that the rooms that are in the first floor, have their own table and parrilla grill in a small area that is in front of its door.

Resting Areas

For those who rather have their picnic experience in front of the lake than the swimming pool, there are some pavilions with wooden tables prepared for you.


And also, there are some benches where you can sit and just enjoy the beautiful view from the lake. Just do not forget to take a picture here, since it is pretty instagrammable for sure!

Also, there is a soccer court once you walk throught the bridge next to the office. And some playgrounds for kids.

Cafe and Convenience Store

Forgot to bring something to your trip? Do not worry! Since in their convenience store, you might be able to find it.

You just need to go to the office, where in shelves, they have all the different things they sell and rent for you to have the best camping experience. They sell beer, noodles (라면), ice, etc.

Plus they sell coffee and smoothies! So as a great variety of beverages at a cheap price.

In my personal opinion, I think their mango and strawberry smoothies are the best! Definitely tastes better than any franchise cafe. So if you visit, give it a try!

I have witnessed before how they prepare them, and I can assure you, that they use quality ingredients. No wonder they taste so delicious.

Breathtaking views

The best thing about staying in this pension are the breathtaking views, for sure!

Since this place is in countryside, it does not matter where you look, you will always find a perfect view from nature.

Moreover, you can enjoy the different landscapes of this place in the four seasons.

One thing that I really like, is that they are always planting new flowers and trees, according to the season. For that reason, it becomes really interesting to walk around. Because you might be able to find different types of plants.

Gyeryongsan (계룡산)

But what it is definitely the highlight of this place, is the views you get from Gyeryongsan, one of the most popular mountains to hike in South Korea. So if you are a hiker, this place is for you!

view of the mountain during winter

In case doing hiking in this mountain is part of your plans, we highly suggest you to stay in this 4 Season pension in Gongju (계룡산사계절펜션).



The price for one night is ₩40000.

You can read the camping fees here.


© 계룡산사계절펜션

The price varies according to the number of people that will stay. However, the prices are reasonable.

You can see the rooms available and fees in this link.

How can I reserve?

To get a room, you can do your reservation through this link. While to reserve a camping spot, you can do it here.


The pension is located in Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do.

Address: 342-5 Gyeryong-myeon, 계룡면 양화리 Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do

You can find more information on their website. Click here.

My Experience

Since this place is pretty foreigner friendly, I visit here several times during the year. However, my favorite season was definitely winter! Because of the snow and the frozen lake.

But what I definitely like the most, is that there is a lot to see! No matter how many times I have already stayed, I always find a new path to stroll in. Hence, it never gets boring due to the variety of plants and the four seasons, of course.

To complete your experience, they always put decorations according to the season you are in. For example, this time was christmas, and because of that they placed a beautiful christmas tree and some photo zones.

As I already mentioned before, this place is foreigner friendly. The owners of this pension not only are kind, but they are always interested in other people’s culture. Because of this, I had pretty good experiences everytime I went to stay.

Besides teaching me about korean culture, they have let me practice my korean with them. No matter how busy they were, they always make sure I was learning something new each they.


This 4 Season pension in Gongju (계룡산사계절펜션) is indeed your best option if you want to travel to countryside and be in nature.

Also if you plan to do hiking in Gyeryongsan, as we advised before.

We undoubtedly recommend you staying in this place!

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