4 Korean movies to watch on Netflix

If you liked Parasite, the South Korean movie that swept the 2020 Academy Awards and made history as the first foreign-language film to win Best Picture. Then why not expand and go more deeply into the world of Korean movies. Luckily Netflix has a wide selection to satisfy this need.

Here’s my selection of movies for each genre:

If you’re looking for Romance watch: Tune in for Love

This 2019 movie begins in the ’90s during the Asian financial crisis. Writer Mi-su and Hyeon-woo meet as teenagers while working in a bakery over Christmas. As time passes, obstacles in adulthood separate them from each other, though the pair always look for ways to reunite. However, one of them holds a secret that might completely destroy their relationship.

The film spans across a decade and has a nostalgic tone, plus a beautiful soundtrack. By the end of the film, you’re guaranteed to shed a few happy and sad tears.

If you love the thrill watch: ALIVE

If you loved the Walking dead then you’ll love this movie. #Alive takes place during a zombie apocalypse and follows livestreaming video gamer Oh Joon-woo as he attempts to stay, yes, alive amid all the madness happening outside his apartment. Fortunately, he soon catches sight of another uninfected survivor, Kim Yoo-bin, in a nearby apartment, with whom he strikes up a very socially distanced friendship. Finally, they attempt a daring escape, but you’ll have to tune in to see whether they make it to safety or succumb to the bloodthirsty hordes of zombies waiting eagerly on the streets below for new people to infect.

If you want a good laugh watch: HITMAN Agent Jun

Expect laughing hard with this Korean movie!

While heavily drunk, an unsuccessful comic book writer draws a comic about his life as a former NIS hitman, and runs into trouble when it gets posted online.

This film balances action and comedy, my favorite kind. It has a genuinely funny, heartfelt and down to earth, back story. Its a winning combination that softens the main character, making him and those around him more rounded and human.

If you’re a feminist watch: Kim Ji-Young, Born 1982

Based on Cho Nam-joo’s bestselling novel of the same name, the feminist themes of Kim Ji-young, Born in 1982 sparked a battle of ideas in Korea.

As a feminist myself i highly expected this movie, and it offered something I never expected from a mainstream drama blockbuster. The main character experienced some aspects i could relate to from my country that i never thought would be a thing in Korea. This movie can be painful to watch as you relate to the character and feel her pain as sexism and social pressure destroy her ambitions.

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