4 Best Places to Visit in Daegu

As the 4th biggest metropolitan city in South Korea, Daegu offers a plenty of attractions – from nature to city hustles – that you shall not miss! Here are some places that I recommend you to visit during your trip in Daegu:

1. Apsan Park


If you love nature, Apsan Park is the first place that you should visit in Daegu. As one of the largest urban eco-parks in Daegu, Apsan Park offers the picturesque scenery of the three mountains surrounding the park (Apsan Mountain, Sanseongsan Mountain, and Daedeoksan Mountain). There is also a cable car that you can ride to the Apsan Observatory, where you can enjoy the scenery of the mountains from the top. On the other hand, there are other activities that you can do at the foot of the mountain, such as archery, swimming, and horseback riding.

2. E-World


As the largest theme park in South Korea outside of Seoul, a visit to E-World should not be missed during your trip in Daegu! E-World offers a lot of attractions that can be enjoyed by children and adults. It also features waterfalls, flowers, lighting, and fountains besides abundant of fun rides. 83 Tower, which has become the symbol of Daegu, is also located in the theme park, where you can see the picturesque and beautiful view of the city.

3. Seomun Market

SOURCE: Sribna Zarina

As one of the main three markets existed during the Joseon dynasty, Seomun Market is a perfect place for you who love traditional shopping ambience. Seomun Market is a traditional market that mainly sells fabric-related stuffs, such as satin, linen, silk, knitted goods, cotton, and clothing. On the other hand, it also sells items such as dried seafood, crafts, and silver products.

4. Mabijeong Mural Village

image source: wikimedia

Mabijeong Mural Village is suitable for you who love artsy spots! Located an hour away from the downtown Daegu, this village is perfect for you who want to see murals and colourful paintings that illustrate the life of Korea in the 1960s-1980s era. There are 35 households in the village that have various murals painted on their walls. It is definitely a place worth to visit as it is very Instagrammable and it perfectly depicts Korean village life.