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3 Must Visit Cafes in Jeju Island, South Korea

South Korea is a country where you can find some of the best coffee shops, for sure. Since most of them, have a concept. Or a great interior design. If we were about to recommend you the greatest cafes, the list would be endless. Due to this, we will introduce you to only 3 must visit cafes in Jeju Island. Which will make you realize how great the cafe culture is here!

All of them, are famous. But each one by a different reason. One for having the signature drinks of Jeju, another one for looking luxurious, and the last one for having the greatest souffle pancakes.

With this in mind, let us introduce you to these cafes that you will want to visit soon!

Daily Oasis

If you want to have breakfast with a great view before your eyes, this cafe is for you! As it is just in front of the sea. Which in combination with the vibrant houses, it looks like a painting. Indeed, you are able to enjoy of a picturesque scenery.

But what makes it better, is that you are able to see the airplanes taking off! Since it is near to airport. And that, makes it the perfect spot to take a picture.

You can get great shots if you seat at the terrace. Because they have a window that has their logo. And from what I saw, most of the airplanes fly at that height. Which makes me think that it was a smart idea of them to put it.

As for the food, this place is known for their souffle pancakes. And after trying them, I could understand why! As they were in fact perfect. They were fluffy and soft. With the perfect level of sweetness. To the extend that after eating them, you feel eager to order more!

They sell vast of drinks and bread as well. And the price is fair.

This place has three floors. So you can choose the one that is more like your aesthetic.

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Cafe Namo Namo

Namo Namo is a five floor cafe that is trending right now! Since it looks fancy. And makes you think of a luxury hotel instead of a coffee shop.

But what it is the highlight of this place, is the fact that it is in front of the sea. Due to this, you can have a great view of it. In any of the floors you choose.

It even has a terrace in both third and fifth floor. In case that your main purpose of coming to this place is to relax with the cold breeze of the sea.

But if you do not want to be outside, do not worry! As each area has big windows. So you can still have that blue scenery before your eyes. Which I must say that it pops out thanks to the warm lighting that they use.

As for what they sell, they are famous thanks to their bakery. Since they have some of the most delicious bread that you could find. And even cakes! Here, you can find a croffle. Which is a dessert that has become popular in South Korea.

The bakery is on the first floor. There, you can choose from the great variety of bread. And of course, you can also order a coffee drink. So you can enjoy your dessert in the greatest way.

Another reason to why a lot of people come to this cafe, is that it is in front of a tourist area. Which is the rainbow road.

You might have already seen this spot on instagram. As many people come to get the perfect shot of themselves. Especially because it is near the airport.

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Dang Dang

Dang Dang is surely one of the most famous cafe restaurants in Jeju. And you can realize once you arrive. Since you will probably come across with people doing line just to get in!

With this in mind, we recommend you to do a reservation through phone or instagram. As there is no day that it is empty.

Plus the place is quite small. There is not many seats. However, it does not mean that it is not cozy. The atmosphere is actually good. Especially due to the big window that they have.

The reason to why it is this famous, is that they make the best souffle pancakes in Jeju. And I can assure you that it is truth! As I have never eaten pancakes that are this soft and fluffy. Plus they have a great flavor.

They sell two type of them. One is for people with sweet tooth. Since it includes ice cream and banana. But the other, is for those who are more into western type of breakfast. As it has an egg on top. And includes sausages, salad and fries as a side dish.

After trying them, you might get obsessed.

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Daily Oasis, Namo Namo and Dang Dang are 3 cafes that you must visit in Jeju Island. Not only because all of them have a great view. But also sell some of the most delicious breads. That once you try them, you might want to come back soon.

If you have already gone, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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