2D Cafe: Becoming Part of a Cartoon!

Hi! If you clicked this post you must be looking for a really unique cafe, right? Maybe with the feeling of entering the 2D life of a drawing? Well, I am writing this post for you! let’s explore this wacky world of 2D.

About the 2D Cafe

The cafe’s name is Yeonnamdong 223-14 but is also known as Greem cafe since the word Greem (or 그림) means Drawing in Korean. It is a cafe that was made for all illusion lovers just like me!! When you arrive in the cafe, you can see that literally everything was made to look like it belongs to a 2D world!

The emotions I felt when I first entered this cafe are indescribable! It took me some time until I realize that I was still in a 3D world, to be honest.

Literally, everything from the chairs you are going to sit on, to the coffee you are going to drink is all made to look 2D. It is an amazing way to play pretend for the day. You really feel like you are part of animation or comic book.

2D Cafe’s Inspiration

This cafe was inspired by the Korean Drama W – Two Worlds starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. The plot is about a girl that ends up falling inside the cartoon (Manghwa) her father was writing. Then, she begins to live a double life in and outside the 2D world!

I recommend this drama for everyone! Not only is the story amazing, but if you come to this cafe, it will make you even more excited! You can really feel the inspiration behind this unique cafe.

The cafe is so popular that even the movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” by Jenny Han with Lana Condor on Netflix featured the cafe!! A Korean cafe featured in an American cafe – it’s a first that will never be forgotten.

There you go! Another photoshoot idea for those of you who watched and enjoyed the movie 🙂

Instagramable Areas

This place is full of places to take pictures and it’s no secret! My advice is to order some of their 2D drinks and make your pictures even funnier!! I myself ordered a hot chocolate and was indeed surprised by how cute the mug was!

Time to drink a 2D hot chocolate! and one more nice spot for taking pictures!
A nice moment being part of a 2D cartoon!

There is also a nice room where I found a mirror and some props to take pictures with my friends. There are some fun 2D items like a cap, a cowboy hat, a bag, and also a jacket. Of course, we loved taking pictures like we were part of a 2D world.

Cowboy girl in a Cartoon world
Mirror picture on 2D world
Traveling in 2D world
Me and my friends with the 2D hats on Greem Cafe

You can also take some pictures while chilling in the cafe, everywhere is a good spot for pictures!


My experience going to this cafe was amazing! To be honest I was expecting a larger menu with more options but there were just a few and the price was a little high. However, the experience of the place was indeed worth the price of the food. Not only that, but even though there were only a few options, we were very much welcomed and the drinks we ordered still made us feel immersed in the experience.

During my whole time inside the cafe, I had fun with my friends and properly had the feeling that the theme of the cafe was intended to give. I was inside of a cartoon and nobody could tell me otherwise.

Another thing I liked about the cafe is that it was in a very nice area and not difficult to arrive there. So if you have the opportunity to, definitely put this cafe on your must-visit-places list!!

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Greem Cafe 

Address:  Seoul, Mapo-gu, Seongmisan-ro, 161-10
Korean Address: 서울 마포구 성미산로 161-10 그림카페
Operating Hours: Wed - Sun: 12:00 PM - 09:00 PM
                 Mon & Tues: Closed