2023 Year of the Gentle Rabbit

2023 is the year of the gentle black rabbit. Considered to be one of the luckiest signs in the lunar zodiac, this year is sure to be great!

The year of the Black Rabbit

Dear reader, I hope 2023 will be the year when you turn most of your craziest dreams into reality. According to the lunar calendar, 2023 is the year of the black rabbit. In East Asia, there are many legends and myths that have the rabbit as their main character.

Did you know that in one of the most popular Buddhist legends, the rabbit is the only animal that tries to sacrifice himself in order to help the man? The rabbit jumps into a fire during a full moon ritual. Fortunately, the rabbit is not burned, and he is rewarded for his virtuous behavior. Since then, the rabbit has been regarded as a sacred animal all over East Asia.

The Lunar Zodiac

There are 12 animals in the lunar zodiac, each of them displaying certain characteristics. Unlike the Western zodiac, the lunar zodiac is not represented by constellations. It follows a 12-year cycle. Each year is associated with an animal that has different characteristics and fortunes.

What kind of year is the year of the rabbit? Let’s find out together. 

The Rabbit


The rabbit symbolizes prosperity, fertility, and peace. In addition, it is associated with yin energy and the element of water. Lucky numbers are 5,7, and 9, while lucky colors are green, blue, and black.

Celebrities Born in Rabbit Year

Red Velvet’s Yeri, The Boyz’s Ju Hak Nyeon, Twice’s Chaeyoung, AKMU’s Lee Su-hyun, Twice’s Tzuyu, NCT’s Mark

Blake Lively, Enrique Iglesias, Robbin William, David Beckham, Tina Turner, Jeff Bezos

Rabbit’s Personality and Behavior

People born in the year of the rabbit are known to be very polite, tender, and calm. They are easygoing individuals. They tend to interact easily with others and trust them, but it doesn’t mean they are naive. Very gentle, cautious most of the time, and patient, they like to place family first and have a large social circle. Even if they know many people, and like social interaction, these people are slow when getting close to someone. The people born in the year of the rabbit prefer to avoid conflicts and fights as much as possible. They believe that everything can be solved through communication. 

Gifted with a high sense of responsibility, they make good leaders and reliable coworkers wherever they go. If you respect them, they will respect you even more. They have big hearts, very creative minds, and know how to motivate people.

Even if they usually make a good amount of money, they have the tendency to waste it as soon as they earn it. One of their favorite hobbies is shopping. Therefore, if they are interested in shoes, devices or home decorations make sure they will own tens of products like that. 

Are rabbits prone to emotional disorders?

 Even if they may not seem like that, rabbits are very sentimental and prone to various mental disorders like depression or anxiety. In order to manage their emotions properly, it is highly recommended to find a creative hobby that appeals to their creative side. Playing an instrument, painting or acting could help them express themselves and release the tension at the same time. The best matches for rabbits are dogs, monkeys, and pigs. 

Is 2023 a lucky year?

According to Chinese astrology, 2023 will be a less tense and dramatic year than those in the recent past. People will be able to tap into their creative energy and go with the flow without too many worries.

Since the year of the black rabbit is considered to be a very lucky year, many people will enjoy financial success and freedom. However, being cautious is always important. Don’t simply jump into something if you are not sure about your decision. This year let’s be gentle to each other, more understanding, and improve our lives significantly. 

🇷🇴 Emilia Bucsan

Teacher. Writer. Explorer. A.R.M.Y. Enchanted by the beauty of Korea.