1MILLION Dance Studio Opens New Location in Daejeon

If you like or follow KPOP, you probably have heard of 1MILLION Dance Studio. Actually, even if KPOP is not your thing but you enjoy dancing, you probably have at least seen a couple of their videos on Youtube. 1MILLION Dance Studio is internationally famous on social media, and it’s easy to see why. But now, everyday citizens in Daejeon can get a taste of the world-class dance instruction 1MILLION offers.


1MILLION dance studio has broken records on social media platforms. It is extremely popular among young people and dance lovers for its charismatic dancers, stylish clothes, and extremely cool dance moves. However, the dance academy is also known among people who work in the music and dance industry. They produce high-quality videos of choreography. Plus their staff includes some of the most talented choreographers in Korea that have worked with some of the biggest names in Kpop.

The Dancers

I believe this is the number one reason why 1MILLION videos are so popular. The dancers who constantly record the academy’s dance covers (most of them being KPOP songs) are really charismatic. They dress really well, a lot of them style their hair just like idols, and their dancing skills are incredibly good. They are a more approachable version of KPOP idols and have begun to build followings of their own.

Of course, not every person who appears on the youtube channel videos is a professional dancer. Actually, some are not even long-term students from the academy. And it makes it even more interesting for those who watch on the other side of the screen. There are people taking their first classes. And yet, there they are, rocking it with so much confidence and style. 

The Teachers

The first thing you think when you watch the teachers at the academy is “Wow, how can someone be this cool?”. I confess I am biased when judging dancers because I really enjoy dancing. However, I think we all agree that anyone who sees them most likely will think the same.

Seeing dancers from the same academy, all dance in the same styles and use techniques the same way. Nevertheless, 1MILLION dance studio teachers are characterized as having a strong hip-hop foundation. But, even so, they all bring different styles that spice up their dance routines.

This is something I tend to value a lot whether it is dancers from the same group or the same company. They have very specific groves that show how they not only repeat the dance moves, but do so while understanding fully the lyrics, melody, and choreography.

1MILLION does this on purpose. They go all around the world looking for professionals who fit the company’s style. And it is well worth the effort. Having teachers working as choreographers for KPOP artists is very common. Some of the songs choreographed by 1MILLION dance studio include: 

> Potion by Eric Nam (Jinwoo Yoon)

> Gogobebe by MAMAMOO (Mina Myoung)

> She’s Mine by VAV (Yoojung Lee)

And the list goes on and on. Despite having a lot of knowledge and technique, the instructors are able to “dumb it down” to any level, whenever needed. That is a decisive aspect to evaluate the studio classes.

Classes at 1MILLION

Just like the videos and choreography, the quality of 1MILLION classes is top-notch. Despite having classes for professional dancers and people who have been dancing for a while, they also have classes focused on learning basic steps, styles, and techniques. No matter what your level is, they have classes for you.

Overall, there are two things about their classes that I think are very unique. It takes only two classes for a group to learn choreography and they also include beginners in their content on Youtube. These things make a huge difference when you are learning dance for the first time and help you grow more confident. Maybe that is why all of them look so cool performing. Gaining confidence is also something taught in the classes! 

New 1MILLION Dance Studio in Daejeon

Now that I made sure everyone knows what 1MILLION dance studio is, I reckon you will understand my joy and excitement when I first heard they opened a studio here in Daejeon!

Before the second semester of this year, the only academy they had was in Seoul, so choosing Daejeon instead of picking any other bigger city (Busan, Daegu, Gwangju) was a complete surprise for me – and my friends too. 

It is true that there are fewer instructors than in Seoul. However, the structure is basically the same. There are classes throughout the entire week – sometimes it goes from Monday to Monday! The instructors are divided into master and learner, as well as the style of dance you want to learn.

Even though this is a big and well-known dance academy, the price of the classes are very affordable. You can buy the tickets for your classes individually. If you choose to purchase one class at a time, it is 28,000 Won and it gets cheaper as you buy them in sets. For example, buying 5 classes at once will cost 25,000 Won each; 20 classes cost 16,500 Won each, and 40 classes cost only 10,500 Won! The only thing is that all of the tickets must be used within 1 month. And so, if you buy 40 classes, be prepared to go at least once per day.

If you live in Daejeon or are nearby, I totally recommend you to try it and get a little taste of the dance world in Korea!!

1MILLION Dance Studio Daejeon (원밀리언댄스스튜디오 대전)

Address:  Daejeon, Seo-gu, Dunsan-ro, 56 2층
Korean Address: 대전 서구 둔산로 56 2층
Opening Hours: 03:00 PM - 10:00 PM

For information on the original Seoul branch, Click Here!