1MILLION Dance Studio: My Experience

1MILLION is the most popular dance studio in Korea. They have 25.2 million subscribers on YouTube and each one of the videos they release gains hundreds of thousands of views. But, there is no way you can dance for a famous company like that, right? Wrong! 1MILLION Dance Studio has a range of classes open to the public that anyone can enroll in. This is my experience dancing for 1MILLION.

What is 1MILLION Dance Studio?

For those who do not have any idea about 1MILLION, it is a world-class dance studio located near Seongsu in Seoul. 1MILLION’s choreographers have trained some of the top names in Kpop including SEVENTEEN, HOT, Mamamoo, and BoA.

Entertainment companies from all over the world send their trainees to learn under the choreographers that regularily offer classes at 1MILLION. Although many people who are training to become professional dancers can be found at 1MILLION, they offer classes to everyone.

Classes Avalible at 1MILLION

1MILLION offers classes for people of all skill levels. They have three different levels of classes.

Firstly, the easiest classes they offer are called Step By 1M. During these classes, you can learn dancing basics at a slow pace. However, even though it is the lowest level it can be a little bit difficult at first. If you don’t get all of the steps down after your first class, it’s normal. Try a few more classes and you’ll master this level in no time.

Once you have the basics down, you can try out a lerner class. This is 1MILLION’s beginner to intermediate class. If focuses on helping dancers gain confidence and work on their choreography retension.

Finally, for the top skill level, there are master classes. They are extremely challenging and jaw-dropping classes to watch. The dancers pick up choreography like it’s nothing. Those videos you see on YouTube – dancers in the master class learn the choreography just 50 minuites before recording.

How to Take Classes at 1MILLION

In order to take a dance class in the studio, you can either book a slot through their website, app, or buy in person. You can purchase spots according to how many classes you would like to take per month.

Price list (Classes Per Month)
1 class: 25,000 KRW
5 classes: 110,000 KRW
10 classes: 200,000 KRW
20 classes: 320,000 KRW
30 classes: 360,000 KRW
40 classes: 400,000 KRW

One of the best parts about the classes is that you go at your own pace. You don’t need to audition in order to book a certain level. Plus, you can also choose to wait on the sidelines if you realise half-way through the lesson that the choreography is above your skill level. While instructors don’t give much individual attention, it is nice to be able to go at your own pace.

My Experience at 1 MILLION

The experience itself was really fun and worth every penny!

The dance class was relatively easy to follow, and the instructor was friendly too. There were many foreigners who joined the class and even children! After several step-by-step practices, I managed to do the full dance at the end of the class. Although there were some difficult parts, I felt good about it in the end.

You can also film yourself while dancing, but not by using professional cameras since they are not allowed to be brought into the dance room. Hence, you can only use your phone camera.

Taking a class at 1MILLION Dance Studio is a must-do activity that should be included in your bucketlist when you visit Seoul, especially if you love dancing! However, if you have no experience of dancing, you definately want to check the schedule ahead of time and book a spot for Step By 1M.

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