10 Coffee Chain in Korea

If you are in love with coffee but want to keep it korean style, this is the top 10 chain coffee that you can find all around South Korea. Every chain has special delicacies so go on reading to find your perfect match !

1. A Twosome Place 

A Twosome Place © Seoul Guide Korea / flickr

This cafe name comes from “two” of us having “some” dessert at a “place”. It’s the third biggest chain in South Korea. As you can guess by their name, they make awesome dessert, the best ones to try are their Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake and Tiramisu.


This cafe is mainly famous for it’s sweet dessert, but please try their Mocha Latte.


2. Caffe Bene

Caffe Bene © Choe Kwangmo / wikimedia

This is the 2nd largest korean coffee chain based on the number of stores. The atmosphere of this cafe mixes East and West. You can choose between a large selection of coffees, lattes, smoothies, and teas. But they also are making delicious gelato ice cream.


This cafe propose many different traditional korean drinks, so I would recommend you to try one like Misugaru.


3. Hollys Coffee

Hollys Coffee

It is one of the main Korean coffee chains all around the country and overseas. They are mainly focusing on drinks (coffee, tea, hot specialty drinks). They are nice cafe to go study.


If you have a sweet tongue, please try their Tiramisu Coffee or Hot Chocolate.


4. Paik’s Coffee

Paik’s Coffee

This chain is the popular franchise ! Mainly students and senior go there because it’s really affordable. However, most of the stores do not have a sitting area, better to get a coffee on the go there.


There is 3 main drinks that you should try there : Caramel Macchiato, Pomegranate Juice and Paik’s Original Coffee.


5. Mega Coffee

Mega Coffee

Another very affordable cafe, Mega Coffee got very famous for its large drinks. Also, it’s a famous study place for student on a budget. They are mainly doing sweet drinks and large americanos.


The most famous drinks in this place is the Strawberry Pong Crush, but you can also try their Cookie Frappe made with Oreo.


6. Gong Cha

Gong Cha

It is not a Korean Chain. It originally comes from Taiwan but Korea fell in love with this franchise and you can find it everywhere. It’s the best place to enjoy nice tea and mainly bubble tea. Also you can personalize your drink.


In order to get a little bit of exotism, you can try their Mango Smoothie, if you want to stick with the classic then you can choose either Earl Grey Milk Tea or Taro Milk with Red Bean.


7. Ediya Coffee

Ediya Coffee

This chain tries to get implanted mainly in small suburb and propose really affordable coffee. Their coffee beans comes from Ethiopia and that’s where their names comes from, a ethiopian tribe.


They got original drinks, that you must try like : Ice Mint Mocha, Milk Snow with Red Beans and lastly Mango Flatccino.


8. Angel-in-us


This coffee is delivered by Angels… If this is not the best argument for you to go there, I will add that most of the time this cafe have large spaces for you to enjoy your coffee during a date for example.


You can for sure try their angel made coffee but if you feel adventurous try their Green Tea Frappuccino.


9. Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee

Again this chain is definitely not korean BUT it’s so popular among koreans that it could not be out of this list.


Go classic, do it korean style and order Americano.


10. Tom n Tom’s Coffee

Tom n Tom’s Coffee

Tom n Tom’s is not only famous for its various drinks like Coconut Milk Cappuccino, Red Bean Latte, Sweet Potato Latte, but also for their tasty pretzels.


I may be biased because I love cinnamon but please try their Ice Cinnamon Cafe Mocha.


The drinks recommended in this post are in those coffee all year round but each coffee place creates every year different seasonal drinks. Do not hesitate to try their latest drinks as most of the time they are the most delicious on the menu.

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