1-Day Jeju Itinerary Featuring Best Places To Visit In 2020

While planning for your trip to South Korea, there must have been a lot of places where you may have wanted to go and visit. Jeju-do Island would most probably be one of those places. 

Jeju-do Island is surely one of a kind which enjoys the title of being the largest Island of South Korea.

1-Day Jeju Itinerary by Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

So, what makes this Island deeply loved by many? Is it the food? Is it the culture, Its heritage? or is it the landscape that makes it a favorite spot for vacation?

Would it be a surprise if I say that Jeju-do Island has been regarded as the “Hawaii” of Korea? Well! It most definitely has been deemed as Korean Hawaii considering its breathtaking beaches, luxuriously designed seaside hotels and rich sophisticated culture.

1-Day Jeju Itinerary by Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

If you’re looking forward to paying a day’s visit to Jeju-do Island, then this blog is here to serve you as a guide. Here are some of the places you’d not want to miss out on.

Seongsan Ilchulbong

Seongsan Ilchulbong is best known for its mesmerizing view at dawn. This particular place came into being as a result of a volcanic eruption that happened thousands of years ago.

1-Day Jeju Itinerary by Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

If you’re planning to witness the dawn at Seongsan Ilchulbong then be prepared to pay a price. And by price I mean stairs. LOTS AND LOTS OF STAIRS!

Also, while making your journey towards the top you’ll want to carry a jacket along with you. It gets super cold and breezy during the dawn.

I1-Day Jeju Itinerary by Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

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Manjanggul Cave

Have you ever heard of “volcano museum” before? Well! Now you have. Manjanggul Cave on Jeju-do Island has just the museum waiting for you.

Manjanggul Cave is basically known by the name of Manjanggul lava tube. The cave not only has heritage value but it also, to this day, possess scientific significance.

The main attraction waiting for the visitors are the various formations inside the lava tube. Some of these formations are lava blisters, lava bridges, lava tubes, flowstones, lava rafts, cave coral and more which are all well-preserved inside the Manjanggul Cave.

Seopjikoji Coast in Jeju

This particular location is one of the most famous tourist attractions on Jeju-do Island. To be honest, Seopjikoji Coast is a famous attraction for all the good reasons.

1-Day Jeju Itinerary by Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

During the spring, Seopjikoji Coast features stunning scenery like no other. Here, you get to witness a beautiful coastline surrounded with canola flowers having Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak standing tall in the background at its full glory and majesty.

The coastline is a home to a green field which spreads far and wide without a trace of a tree in sight. The coast also features a famous lighthouse at the end of Seopjikoji. Along the way to the lighthouse, you will find stonewalls blocking the wind.

1-Day Jeju Itinerary by Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

What makes this coastline unique from the other is the weird stone formations, which are only visible when the tide are low. Scornia, a red volcanic ash, also contributes towards the beauty and significance of Seopjikoji Coast.

Hamdeok Beach in Jeju

A visit to Jeju-do Island without paying a visit to Hamdeok beach? Not a chance!

Covered with soft white sand is the Hamdeok beach, serving as a hot spot for all kinds of water activities. It is basically a modern day beach providing various facilities like private lodging, camping grounds, changing rooms, shower facilities and more to the visitors. It is considered as one of the most developed beaches on the Island, in terms of amenities.

1-Day Jeju Itinerary by Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

The Hamdeok beach is around 500 meters wide with a shallow bay, making it the best place for all sorts of water sports. Be it swimming, snorkeling or a simple relaxing activity like strolling by the beach, nothing beats the excitement of spending a relaxing time here at the Hamdeok beach.

1-Day Jeju Itinerary by Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

At night, the beach is lit up with street lights and various other modern lighting equipment. The lighting effects add to the beauty of the beach, leaving the night view with a romantic and relaxing environment.

1-Day Jeju Itinerary by Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

You can also find various snack bars, pubs and restaurants along the beach and enjoy the night with a glass of soju or beer.

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Jeju Downtown

Jeju downtown is famous for its nightlife, great eateries and centuries old, well-preserved landmarks. With all sorts of attractions to offer, Jeju downtown welcomes tourists and travelers from all walks of life.

1-Day Jeju Itinerary by Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

Jeju downtown functions as a gateway to its glorious beaches, great coastal views, cultural parks, shrines and hiking tracks towards the summit of sacred mountains.

1-Day Jeju Itinerary by Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

The downtown also serves as a home to some of the best pubs, cafes and restaurants on the Island. If that’s not all, you can choose to enjoy your evening filled with thrill and excitement at Jeju’s amusement parks, arcades, theme parks, sports court, karaoke, fashion outlets and more.

Don’t forget to leave you comment and let us know which one of these places if on top of your bucket list?

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